Busy Bees

“I’m a very busy person. Don’t waste my time!” How often have we heard that line! Busyness in our culture has become endemic. We don’t know anybody who isn’t busy. Even retirees are busy. Our kids are busier than we ever were, running from this activity, to that ball game, to those training sessions. And their parents are even busier running their children to their many recreational pursuits. We’re so busy as a culture, we often don’t have the time to eat properly or even get a hair cut, let alone stop long enough to notice the people in our lives. Really notice. Not just acknowledge that their body happens to be in front of us. But to connect with their inner person in the present moment.

What Have We Become

Busyness has become a status symbol. Busyness implies importance. It reassures us that our time and presence is valuable. We feel good about ourselves when we’re busy; it stimulates our adrenaline, promotes productivity, and encourages a sense of purpose. In a way, we’re addicted to busy. Some of us have become so used to being busy, we don’t know how to motivate ourselves when there isn’t the time pressure bearing down on us. Of course the unspoken implication in this mindset is that those who are not busy, must be losers. In truth, it’s we busy ones who are the losers.

Live to the Fullest

We lose out on the beautiful things of life. We lose out on appreciating the myriad of daily blessings in our lives. And we lose out on our relationships. Relationships take time. Leisurely, wasteful time. This is never more true than in marriage. Being busy is not the same as living to the full. The best way to live our marriage to its fullest, is fill it to the brim with dedicated relationship time.

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