Host a Marriage Kit Group Experience

Five powerful lessons to take couples on a journey of intimacy.

Designed for a non-religious audience, the Marriage Kit conforms to the ethics and morals of Christian teaching, using secular language to lead couples through a variety of relationship building activities. Adaptations for the SmartLoving platform include the addition of lesson prayers and scripture quotes designed to bring a subtle faith perspective.

As such, the Marriage Kit is well suited for couples in mixed-faith or low-faith marriages, providing scientifically and theologically sound relationship insights, without a heavy emphasis on an expressive Christian faith. For those hosting a group experience, the Leader Hub includes tips on how to enhance the experience with prayer, scripture and theological insights to complement the course content, according to the profile of your group. 

Craft your group experience


Plug & Play Format

Traditional Classroom Model.*

The Plug & Play format supports you in hosting an in-person group course either in a physical setting (e.g. a church, parish hall, or home) or virtually via a webinar (e.g. Zoom, Facetime, MS Teams). Participants watch the videos all at the same time and go through the couple activities at the same time.

Delivered by the Leader in person at a local venue or via your preferred video conference platform

Couples journey together, watching the videos and doing the couple activities on the group time table.

All couple activities are private.


Online Accompanied Format

Flipped Classroom Model.*

The Online Accompanied format of the course supports you in hosting an online group experience where participants will access the teaching content via the SmartLoving online learning platform. Your married couples will progress through each lesson privately in their own time and at their own pace (over a set time frame - we suggest two weeks per lesson) - but they will gather online with their group cohort after each lesson to pray together, share insights and go through discussion questions.

Lessons are delivered via the SmartLoving online learning platform and the discussions with the group happen via your preferred video conference platform.

Couples journey independently, watching the videos and doing the couple activities on their own time table.

All couple activities are private.

Click here to watch a video interview with Executive Officer of Family and Life - Michael Otto, from the Catholic Diocese of Rockhampton Australia on his experience of running the Marriage Kit in this format.

*The Traditional Classroom

In a Traditional Classroom, a 'teacher' presents the content to the 'students' as a group and sets activities to do at home to consolidate what they have learned. When the homework is reviewed ahead of the next lesson, if a student doesn't understand the topic or is sick when it is taught, he gets left behind. Everyone is expected to learn at the same time and at the same pace.

*Flipped Classroom

A Revolution in Educational Methodology

In the 'Flipped Classroom', the content is presented via video for 'students' to access at home in their own time. Students can replay the video, pause it to take notes, or speed through according to their ability. Later, at an agreed time, students consolidate their learning in class or group setting while the 'teacher' provides further assistance to those in need. The learning system is flexible and responsive to student needs.

The Marriage Kit Leader Hub

When you purchase the Marriage Kit Leader  Hub, you get full access to all the Leader resources in both formats, plus access to the online course.

The Leader Hub contains:

Leader Notes - Plug & Play / Online Accompanied (printable PDF)

  • Team training step by step
  • Hospitality notes
  • Registration of couples
  • And more

Plug & Play Videos (streaming)

Lesson Outlines with Leader step by step guide

Promotional resources including artwork, social media and editable print files

Follow up communications campaign including articles and artwork.

Online Course access

Interactive PDF Handouts (printable)

Permission to print Handouts for group participants (Plug & Play format)

Discount coupon for couple registration (Online Accompanied format)

Nominal Royalty contribution form (Plug & Play format)


Course Lesson Modules:

Want to know what you're signing up to before making your decision? View our example video from Lesson 1

Get Access to the Leader Hub

Leader Access

1 year access

Nominal Royalty contribution applies for plug and play format

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Optional Extras

Need a little assistance in getting set up?

We believe in empowering local couples to lead in their community so our resources are designed to make this easy with step-by-step instructions and detailed scripts. However, we understand that if you haven’t run the course before, you might find it a bit intimidating to get started.

We’ve got you covered with the optional extras below

Training Session

Add an online training session for your team at a time convenient to you. In-person training is available in some areas (travel expenses must be added).

Training session includes:

  • Overview of the course content.
  • Using our online platform.
  • Theological + philosophical foundations.
  • Practical considerations for your community.
  • Q + A to address specific circumstances.


$200 AUD | $155 USD | £115 GBP

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Coach Package

Let us do the heavy lifting in preparing promotional materials as we walk each step with you through your first course. Your Coach Package includes:

  • Everything in the Training Session.
  • Customised marketing materials.
  • Draft email campaigns.
  • A social media campaign.
  • A SL Coach to support you through out the course.


$500 AUD | $400 USD | £300 GBP


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Terms & Conditions

Each purchase of the Marriage Kit Leader Hub is for use by one Leader (or married couple leader).

For organisational use with multiple leaders, please purchase individual access for each leader/couple.

Purchase includes access for one year to the Leader Hub and membership must remain active for those who wish to continue to use the Marriage Kit resources, including use of saved copies of the handouts, videos and other resources.

Membership can be renewed at 33% of the initial purchase. Please watch for renewal notices in your inbox.

For those using the Plug & Play format:

  • A nominal royalty $5AUD (~ $4USD or £3GBP) per couple is suggested to be paid by leaders and we ask that you log the number of participants at the end of the course. This royalty is to support SmartLoving's ministry as we have significant costs associated with this service.
  • Printable Handouts are available for you to print for each participant and you may print as many copies as needed. You may not use these handouts (or extracts from them) outside the context of the course.

For those using the Online Accompanied format:

  • Participants are required to have their own account on the SmartLoving learning platform where they can access the Marriage Kit online course.
  • Access is available at 50% discount via coupon code.

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