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Accompany those preparing for marriage.

Passionate about marriage and want to help couples build vibrant marriages?

Eager to strengthen and enrich your own marriage?

Want to build a better world for your children and their future families?


If you are in a valid Catholic marriage and would like to support engaged couples, consider becoming a Sponsor Couple!

Sponsor couples are more than five years married (or a SL Engaged graduate of 3+ years) who accompany an engaged couple as they journey towards Catholic marriage.

As a SmartLoving Sponsor Couple your role is to provide emotional support, encouragement and practical wisdom to an engaged couple. Meetings with your engaged couple take place after they have completed each lesson and you simply work your way through the discussion guide to spark dynamic conversation and share your experience of married life.

There is no formal training: you simply enroll as a participant in the Sponsor course and make your way through it in parallel. The Sponsor course is a duplicate of the Engaged course modified specifically for you. Sponsor resources and lesson-by-lesson tips are provided along with couple activities designed to enrich your relationship and give you first hand insight into what your engaged couple is discovering.

You can work collaboratively with your local parish priest, deacon and leaders as well as other Sponsor Couples for practical support.

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Watch the Orientation Webinar recording below or Register for an upcoming Webinar.

You can also read our FAQs at the bottom of this page or email:[email protected] with any additional questions.

Sponsor Orientation Webinar Recording

What Sponsor Couples are Saying

“We’ve been running marriage preparation for years and we're reluctant to switch over. So glad we did. This is a brilliant course, and it’s really easy to get up to speed on the new content.”

Celine & Richard

“We loved our marriage seminar and got so much out of it. It was so good, we didn’t think it could be topped. Then we started mentoring engaged couples and we’ve been blown away by how much more we’ve got out of it. It’s brought us so much closer.”
Belinda & Mark

“We knew the theory of being a sacrament, but we didn’t really experience it until we became Sponsors. Seeing how those young engaged couples respond, week after week, to our personal sharings allowed to experience our sacrament having a direct impact.”
Simon & Gabrielle

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