Preparing Couples to Marry in the Catholic Church

Grounded in Catholic Theology in a readily understandable, fully inclusive and inspirational way!

Internationally approved, well resourced and with guidance available, SmartLoving Engaged offers an easy and supported way for parishes to provide marriage preparation for their engaged couples whose life-long intimate love affair can witness to the profound depths of God’s love and be a source of inspiration and encouragement to their children and extended community.

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SmartLoving Engaged is a marriage formation programme that fully integrates:


Contemporary Relationship Psychology

Presented by husband and wife teams, the perspectives and experience of both sexes are brought to each topic with examples and personal stories, so making the concepts come alive in relatable and relevant ways which offer profound opportunities for personal discovery.


Practical Skills & Tools

Usable immediately for a direct impact on a relationship at whatever stage and throughout a marriage.

Couples are encouraged to practice the tools as homework between each session.


Comprehensive Catholic Theology

For an effective and powerful sacramental preparation of the engaged couple, helping them to grow into the fullness of their spiritual potential and mission to love.


Couple-to-couple Mentoring

Engaged Live is conducted in a mentor couples home, normally over 6 weeks. The mentor couple use the educational DVD’s and workbooks to work through 6 lessons of 1-1.5 hours each while providing the perfect opportunity for engaged couples to witness a Catholic marriage. This course is also beneficial to the mentor couple as they revisit all the concepts and skills necessary for their own married life while being able to immerse themselves in the growth and learning of the engaged couple.

Completion Certificate is provided on completion of the course.

Group Course

Engaged Live can be used in a small or large group setting. A married mentor couple runs the course, either at their home for smaller groups or in a parish hall for larger groups, using the same educational DVD’s and workbooks and provides personal insights to the group as a whole.

There is no group sharing or discussion. Couples share with each other and regroup to watch the DVD’s and listen to the mentor couples input as well as ask questions.  There are also additional take-home activities to stimulate discussion in private.

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