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Help support Catholic Marriage

Become a SmartLoving Engaged Sponsor Couple

We need couples in loving marriages to accompany an engaged couple during their preparation period. We provide you with access to the Sponsor course, which takes you through the content that engaged couples are learning and provide you with tips and support as you progress through each lesson together. You simply do the Sponsor course (at home) in parallel with the Engaged couple, meeting up to share your insights using the discussion questions provided.

BreakThrough Companion

Become a BreakThrough Companion, this is a couple or a person who accompanies a Participant as they progress through the BreakThrough course. Their role is pastoral: to support, encourage, pray with, and help the Participant understand the concepts and apply the frameworks into their life. They are not a counsellor or therapist; they are more like a tutor and accountability partner.

Language Translations

Do you speak and read another language? We are keen to provide SmartLoving courses in a variety of languages and could really use the help of bilingual people like you. Projects include short term items such as the BreakThrough Forgiveness video which is now available in English, Portuguese, and Polish. Larger projects include the translation (or proof reading) of whole courses, such as the Engaged course. 

SmartLoving Online Coordinator

We’re looking to establish local coordinating couples to provide support and pastoral care to ‘orphaned’ Engaged couples enrolled in the course in their area. An ‘orphaned’ couple is one who has enrolled directly in the course, and not via one of the diocesan or parish portals and therefore, does not have a parish/diocesan coordinator supervising and supporting their formation. The role is different to a Sponsor couple who spends considerable time with a single couple. The Coordinator role involves making contact with each couple when they first enrol, responding to any requests for assistance throughout the course and liaising with SL HQ as needed. Coordinators would also be a local SL contact for clergy and parish leaders. 

Social Influence

Do you have a social media following? Are you active in online world, commenting and sharing interesting articles with your network? We always appreciate people who share, comment and contribute to our online promotion

Content Contribution

Are you a (good) writer or editor with content that would be suitable for one or more of our websites blogs? 

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We’d love to explore the possibilities with you. 

Host a SmartLoving Group Course

Our Marriage Kit course is ideal to do in a group cohort. We recommend that you first experience the course yourself and then recruit a group, either from your parish community or personal network. Our Leader packs provide you with all the resources you need to promote, host and lead a small (or large) group course.

Start a Parish Marriage Ministry

Every parish could benefit from a marriage advocate that networks the parish community to formation resources to enrich and support the couples in your midst. We suggest that you start by building a marriage-affirming culture with simple gestures to celebrate and affirm marriage and family life.

Community Development Program

We are looking for ways to make SmartLoving courses accessible in developing countries and have set up discounted gateways for various communities in Africa and parts of Asia. Do you have links to a disadvantaged community that would benefit from such a program and could help us make contact?

Voice Artists and Actors

Increasingly we are using professionally trained voice artists and actors in the production of our teaching videos. As we develop translations, we also need foreign language voice artists. If you think you can help by featuring your voice in one of our training videos, reach out to us.

Remote Admin Support

We are looking to establish some centres in different countries where we can store print materials for dispatch to local couples and parishes. Presently, everything is shipped from our warehouse in Melbourne but this can be slow and costly, especially for couples in America, UK, NZ and Asia – our main destinations. Do you have some dry/secure space in your home or garage and a few hours a week to dispatch orders and assist us with physical mailouts?

Conference Team

If you live in Australia and get excited about event organisation – we could really use your assistance on the Renaissance of Marriage conference team.

Local Advocates

Can you share SmartLoving with your network? We need people to approach their local parish and diocesan leaders to present SmartLoving to them as an option. Within your personal friendships, there may be couples who could use one of our courses should you share information with them by email or social media.  

Pray for Marriage

We can never have enough prayer! The work we do in promoting God’s vision for marriage can attract opposition – please pray for us and our volunteers that we will be courageous and sensitive in all that we do.

In addition, we get a number of couples across our threshold who need particular prayer support as they rebuild their marriage. If you are open to being on call as a prayer sponsor, please let us know and we will send you names for your prayer support.