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BreakThrough Workshop


3 hour workshop for marriages under stress

Understand the real issues at play in your marriage
Identify your conflict triggers
Learn strategies to de-escalate an argument
Find constructive ways to re-establish connection

SmartLoving BreakThrough Works

All couples go through periods where their relationship is strained. Stress, sleep-deprivation, demands from family and work can starve your marriage of the positive energy it needs and deserves. Soon, you find yourselves arguing more often, making up with less enthusiasm and becoming someone even you yourself don’t like.

If this sounds like you, or someone you love, it’s time to do something about it!

SmartLoving BreakThrough is a practical, solution-focused workshop for all stages of marriage. Drawing on contemporary research and Catholic theology, this workshop will arm you with skills and insights to transform your relationship into the thriving, joy-filled encounter that it is meant to be.

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BreakThrough is online: the convenience of being at home, completing the course on your own timetable. 

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Who should register?

  • Couples in stable marriages who are experiencing disconnection.
  • Husbands or wives, with or without their spouse, in stressed marriages.
  • Those who are supporting someone in a difficult marriage (eg a family member, friend, clergy etc).

Privacy Assured

This workshop is offered for women only, men only, or men and women. There is no couple work – all activities are individually based and your privacy and confidentiality is strictly respected. 

Live Events

Run in parish or private facilities the workshop offers participants the opportunity interact with a live presenter if desired. Find out what’s on near you.

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Information for Facilitators

If you are a marriage educator, counsellor or parish leader, you may be interested in purchasing the BreakThrough Facilitators Guide as a ‘Teach Out of the Box’ resource.

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