Breakthrough online

Help for spouses in distressed marriages

Breakthrough the issues at play in your marriage


Identify your conflict triggers

Learn strategies to de-escalate an argument

Find constructive ways to re-establish connection

Restore hope and be empowered with powerful insights and practical tools.

There is a better way to communicate when the old ways are not working. Put your marriage back on track with frameworks especially designed for the individual spouse seeking to improve their marriage.

No situation is beyond hope no matter how much you are hurting. Be consoled and encouraged as you receive healing and clarity so that you can discern God's plan in your circumstances.

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Who should register?

  • Individual spouses in distressed marriages
  • Spouses in stable marriages who are experiencing disconnection
  • Separated or divorced spouses who want insight into what went wrong
  • Those looking for support to rescue their marriage

NB: There are NO couple activities in this program. It is designed to support the individual spouse.

Solo or Accompanied?

Solo participants work at their own pace through the material.

Accompanied participants have a Companion (Minister, Counsellor or SL Coach) with whom to debrief after each of the three parts. These meetings provide prayerful support and additional formation.

Privacy Assured

Your privacy and confidentiality are strictly respected.

Your personal reflections and answers to activities are recorded in pen and paper (printed workbooks), or on the interactive PDF you save to your own device.

If you are accompanied by a Companion (Minister, Counsellor, SL Coach) and you provide us with contact details, we will send notifications of your progress so that they can better support you.


Course Overview

BreakThrough Online gives you 3 hours of training with world leaders in marriage education, Dr Byron & Francine Pirola

It’s easy to get discouraged by our disconnection. Arguments over petty incidents, too busy to romance each other, crowded with other responsibilities. We all go through these periods that we need a breakthrough in our relationship.

Learn how arguments happen: manage them better or avoid them altogether

Understand your internal drivers: and how your spouse is triggering you

Process the pain of past injuries: making you stronger and less reactive

Restore hope for your relationship’s future: with practical strategies

Ready to Enrol?


Course access

Do it on your own or with a local Companion*

1 year access


Course Access

Includes 3 Coaching Sessions (50 min each)

1 year access

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What is a Companion?

A Companion is a person who accompanies you as you progress through the material. Their role is to support you, encourage you, pray with you, and help you apply the frameworks into your life. They are skilled at listening and in assisting spouses in distress to find clarity in difficult situations. They can help you access deeper insights and get greater value from the course content.

Companions may be any of the following:

  1. Minister - a lay person, deacon, or other volunteer who has be formed for this role. These are provided by local communities operating separately to SmartLoving.
  2. Counsellor or other professional who has directed you to this course as part of your therapy. They operate separately to SmartLoving.
  3. SL Coach - if you'd like a Companion, you can opt to have an accredited SmartLoving coach accompany you for an additional cost. (More information).  

Meetings may take place in-person, via video or tele-conference. The cost, duration and number of meetings vary according to the individual Companion and the policy of the organisation providing them.   

Gift Certificate

Know someone that would benefit from this course?

Gift voucher available for you to gift someone you love, and help them to find hope in their marriage again

Resources for Parishes

SmartLoving Breakthrough A4 bifold Brochure

Testimonials from our Graduates

"I enjoyed learning about new tools we can use. I learned about gratitude and knowing my spouse needs me to learn better ways of loving them. I will be doing the 40 day gratitude challenge suggested."

Male, 57.

"This course has given me a positive outlook and hope to overcome our troubles."

Female, 33.

"Wow! I learned how selfish I am/was. I learned strategies that will make things better instead of worse. I really need to work on forgiveness and not holding grudges and especially to identify my emotional needs and take a break to do that. Not to escape from them."

Female 31 years married, 5 children.

"Breakthrough helped us raise topics we had not dealt with properly."

Male, 29 years married.

"The course has made me think more deeply about my part in our marriage relationship. I probably became too involved with all things children to the neglect of the affection and needs of my spouse, over the years. I regret this neglect on my part but the course has given me hope that I can correct some of that neglect, hopefully a lot of that neglect in time. I intend starting the forty days today and extending the forty days to every day of my life." 

Female, 65, married 39 years.

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