An online course for married couples wanting a lasting, passionate relationship

Features & Benefits

Instant Online Access

A convenient and hassle free approach to relationship education for modern day couples. The online course allows you and your spouse to work through the program at your pace and at a time that fits your busy schedules.

Presented by Experts

With almost 30 years experience supporting marriages, Dr Byron and Francine Pirola offer a refreshing look into what it takes to build a healthy and happy relationship.

Fun and Enjoyable

Like good relationships, learning about them should be engaging, not burdensome. The Marriage Kit provides you with wisdom, ease, clarity and balance around relationships. It’s your essential toolkit for life.

Grow, Strengthen, Reinforce

Grow in your understanding of each other. Strengthen your bond, and reinforce your relationship with thought provoking insights and practical skills.

Practical & relevant Skills

Highly relevant and adaptable, The Marriage Kit accommodates you and your spouse with contemporary content. You both will learn new skills that can be applied to everyday situations.

Improve Communication

Research shows that relationship education can help you and your spouse improve your communication and conflict resolution skills; strengthening your relationship and reducing family breakdown.

Please note this course is NOT designed for couples preparing for marriage in the Catholic Church, and does not issue a certificate. If you are looking to complete a catholic marriage prep course please click here

Marriage Kit:

Lesson Modules:

Lesson 1 - Mission Marriage

1.1 Why Marriage?

1.2 For Better or Worse?

1.3 Attraction and Sexual Difference

1.4 Affirmation

1.5 Daily Appreciation

1.6 Making Marriage Your Mission

1.7 Date Night – Your Dream

Lesson 2 - Love Deconstructed

2.1 The Science of Love

2.2 Love is a Choice

2.3 Love Needs

2.4 The Love Tank

2.5 Respect and Cherishment

2.6 SmartLoving

2.7 Date Night – Romantic Memory

Lesson 3 - Let's Talk

3.1 Levels of Communication

3.2 Emotions and Needs

3.3 Speaking from the Heart

3.4 Listening with the Heart

3.5 Let’s Talk – Gender Differences

3.6 Communicating for Effect

3.7 Date Night – Love Letter

Lesson 4 - Let's Talk... About Sex

4.1 Why Sex Matters

4.2 Just an Activity

4.3 Desire Discrepancy – Part 1

4.4 Desire Discrepancy – Part 2

4.5 Love Choices

4.6 Date Night: Sensate Focus

Lesson 5 - Couple Decisions

5.1 Personal Decisions

5.2 Couple Decisions

5.3 Debunking Decision Strategies

5.4 Values Based Decision Making

5.5 Stop-Reflect-Connect

5.6 From Worse to Better

5.7 Date Night – Dance to Connect

Example Video from Lesson 1

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Gift Certificate

Looking for something different for friends and family? 

A Marriage Kit gift coupon is perfect for the couple who could do with a little inspiration for their marriage. Designed with a secular audience in mind, the only religious content is the lesson prayers and occasional discussion question, making this the ideal introduction for friends on the margins of the Catholic faith..


Resources for Parishes

SmartLoving Marriage Kit Brochure – print these and give them to your married couples.



“Really happy with the course content. The videos are great and it’s created targeted conversation for my husband and I, for a more effective way of discussing issues.”

Tim & Sarah

“My husband and I are almost finished and we HIGHLY rate this course. Within the first couple of lessons, we noticed huge improvements in the way we were communicating and relating to each other. Over the course of the ‘Marriage Kit’ journey, we have discovered so much about each other despite having been together 17 years already and generally thinking we had a pretty great relationship!

Margaret & Ben