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Engaged is a parish-based, marriage formation programme that integrates contemporary relationship psychology with Catholic theology for an effective and powerful experience for the engaged couple.

Combining a number of adult learning methodologies, the six-session course is designed to be used in couple-to-couple mentoring, small home-centred groups or by correspondence. The programme can also be adapted for use with large groups in parish facilities.

The core content is presented on DVD and is supported by comprehensive participant materials. Each session is of two hours duration with additional take-home activities (approximately twenty hours in total). Well resourced, Engaged offers an easy way for parishes to provide marriage preparation for their engaged couples within the parish.

Option 1

Couple-to-couple Mentoring

Engaged Live is conducted in a mentor couple's home over approx. 6 weeks. The mentor couple use the educational DVD's and workbooks to work through 6 lessons of 2 hours each, while providing the perfect opportunity for engaged couples to witness a Catholic marriage. This course is also beneficial to the mentor couple as they revisit all the concepts and skills necessary for their own married life while being able to immerse themselves in the growth and learning of the engaged couple.

A Completion Certificate is provided on completion of the course.

Option 2

Group course

Engaged Live can be used in a group setting with a number of engaged couples. A married couple runs the course, normally in a parish hall, using the same educational DVD's and workbooks and provides personal insights to the group as a whole. This format can be run over six consecutive weeks or more condensed formats. The personal sharing of the presenting couple is central to the Sacramental witness.

There is no group sharing or discussion. Listen to the talks and watch the DVD's as a group but do all sharing as a couple. A certificate is awarded at the conclusion of the course.

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"We finished delivering the first SmartLoving Engaged Live course in NZ  last month and loved it. We were 3 weeks into it when the lockdown started and eventually arranged to finish the second half via Zoom.

The quality of the Smart Loving course is outstanding and in particular meets our needs to provide something for new facilitator couples to use. It is not an exaggeration to say we were both 'blown away" by what you have developed and the video talks are brilliant.

We can't fault it at all. The written material-both the Mentor Books and Couple Workbooks are clear and easy to follow. Our marriage ministry priest was apparently very impressed when shown the workbooks by a couple he is marrying.

We haven't seen the couple evaluations but hear they are glowing. We thought the COVID interruption would may be have negatively affected  the couple reviews but it appears not.  It is hard to put into words how impressed we are by what you have  created and can only say God Bless You."

Chris & Mary Martin, New Zealand

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SmartLoving Engaged has been granted ecclesiastical approval


Nihil Obstat: Most Rev. Michael Kennedy, Bishop of Armidale


Imprimatur: +Most Reverend Anthony Fisher OP, Archbishop of Sydney


June 13, 2019


View the Imprimatur: here


View the documentation of edits made to the existing print materials: here

Become a SmartLoving Engaged Mentor Couple

Couples are busy and we want to make the training process efficient and flexible. Training is comprised of four components:

Step 1: Marriage Enrichment

You need to become familiar with the frameworks of SmartLoving and experience the benefits of them by applying them in your marriage. After this, you will know whether you are suited to this ministry and will be invited to take the next step. This step can take the form of participation in either of the following:

  1. SL Online Sponsor course - this can be completed on your own at home or shared with one or more other trainee couples.
  2. SL Engaged live group course - just sit in as a participant with an engaged group in your area.
Step 2: SL Engaged Induction

This component will equip you with the techniques specific to delivery of the course and will assist you in your preparation of the presentations. Usually this is completed with self-directed study of the support materials in the Mentor Guide and in the Mentor Support Hub. Private coaching with a SL trainer via video chat is also available.

Step 3: Your First course

The next step is to run the course with the support and coaching of an experienced SL Mentor. Depending on your area and the circumstances this may be one of the following:

  1. As one couple on a team of couples facilitating a group course where you present one or more sessions.
  2. As a mentor couple facilitating the whole course with a single engaged couple, usually in your home or via video chat.

DOWNLOAD BROCHURE (This PDF allows you to type in your course details)

Step 4: Ongoing formation

Your marriage needs and deserves regular nurturing and extension. You will also need to maintain your currency in the SL materials as they are regularly updated. Minimum requirements are:

  1. Presentation of the course at least once a year.
  2. Reading MRC eJournal (free subscription).
  3. Participation in at least one marriage formation activity such as a conference/inservice (eg Renaissance of Marriage), couples retreat, online relationship course (eg SL Marriage KitSL BreakThroughSL Theology), academic study (eg Theology of the Body), suitable book.

*Some Dioceses have different training requirements, so it is best to confirm this with your local leaders.

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