Project: Translate Engaged

We’re raising funds to translate the Engaged course into a variety of other languages.

Over the past year, demand for SL Engaged has doubled and we now have couples from every continent (except Antarctica!) accessing the online course.

Yet, many potential participants are turned away due to their limited capacity to understand English. Requests have been received for Mandarin, Vietnamese, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese, Italian, Samoan and Malay.

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Video Examples

Here is an example of Lesson 2, Topic 5: from the Engaged course the video is titled: Male & Female Differences.  Closed captions have been created for the video in English. These captions support those who are hearing imapired or those who rely on subtitles.

This video from Lesson 2 of the Engaged Course is titled: Dialogue it teaches couples how to communicate and listen effectively. It has been translated into Mandarin. Translating lessons like this will enable us to provide more couples with excellent Catholic pre-marriage formation.

Bilingual Proof-Readers wanted:

If you are willing to assist us translating the English text into your other language we’d love to hear from you. We need both translators and proof-readers to ensure the translations and formatting are accurate. Contact us if you are willing to help. [email protected]

Progress Update

Closed Captions (English)

Closed Captions (Mandarin)

Closed Captions (Spanish)

CC (Vietnamese)

Closed Captions (Polish)

Closed Captions (Italian)

Workbook (Mandarin)

Workbook (Spanish)

Please choose below the currency in which you would like to donate

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Donate USD
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Testimonials from our Graduates

The SmartLoving Marriage course’s core principle of dialogue and understanding echoed our deep-rooted belief in honest, open communication and this has helped us grow and deepen our love for each other. We are grateful for this course.

Angela & Thomas, Engaged Graduates

SmartLoving has taught us that marriage is a journey and that everyday we need to choose each other and choose to love each other. We will continue to use the tools and strategies we have been taught and hope to inspire other engaged couples soon.

Janine & Sebastian, Engaged Graduate

An easy, beautiful and modern approach to marriage preparation. We loved the experience as it really confirmed all the reasons why we were getting married and made us excited to begin the next chapter of our lives together.

Denise & Oliver, Engaged Graduates

Completing the Smart Loving course was easy, efficient & modern. It confirmed all the reasons why we wanted to get married and excited us to begin our next chapter together.

Britt & Joe, Engaged Graduates

The connect kiss (10 seconds contact) is really helping us. After we miss each other or haven’t seen each other for long we hug and kiss each other for 10 seconds and it seems magical.

Lovita & Priston, Engaged Gradutate
“We loved doing the SmartLoving Engaged course. We learnt so much from it and would recommend it to all couples.”
Jacinta and Jason, SmartLoving Graduates