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The most sophisticated, flexible and user-friendly Catholic Marriage Preparation Course available anywhere, anytime. Give yourselves the tools to make your marriage the best it can be.

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Engaged | Dating | Newlywed

Need an approved course before your Catholic Wedding? Need flexibility? In a long-distance relationship or a shift worker? Want an experience to take your relationships to the next level? 

SmartLoving Engaged Online gives you a comprehensive marriage preparation course at home or on the go

Course Structure

The course is comprised of 9 Lessons of approximately 1-1.5 hours each.

Ideally, one lesson per week over two months gives you time to practice the tools and form new habits. It can be fast-tracked to a minimum of 3 weeks plus one week for us to evaluate your participation and generate your certificate and course report.

Work at your own pace, when it suits you!

Online Course Not for You?

SmartLoving Engaged also has couple-to-couple mentoring and face-to-face group courses.

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What's in the Course

1. Mission to Love

2. Dialogue: Being One

3. Knowing Me, Knowing You

4. Building Unity

5. Restoring Unity

6. Sex: Sacred Embrace

7. Love Gives Life

8. A Living Sign

9. Soul Mates for Life

SLEO Lesson 1_29804524This session introduces the concept of Smart Loving – a practical insight designed to make a couple’s efforts to love more efficient by helping them learn the specific ways in which their fiancé experiences love. The role of affirmation is also addressed.

SLEO Lesson 2_31693722

Using the L.I.F.E. communication framework, couples will learn how to communicate effectively and intimately. A technique for accomplishing Emotional Communion (empathy) is also taught.

SLEO Lesson 3_37246989

A detailed examination of the couple’s attitudes and beliefs about sexuality and marriage, looking particularly at their family of origin. The impact of other significant relationships including emotional injuries is addressed.

SLEO_Lesson 4_38220870

Evaluate your priorities and examine your expectations for your future life together. Learn how to use the Stop-Reflect-Connect tool for values based decision making.

SLEO_ Lesson 5_32193439

Examine the dynamics that lead to conflict and learn how to avoid it. Learn how to restore your unity with the Stop-LIFE- Reflect-Connect – a process of reconciliation.

SLEO Lesson 6_6602560

Examines how, contrary to popular belief, marital sex is an intimate communication rather than just a recreational activity. The concept of sex as a sacramental gesture and a renewal of wedding vows is explored.

Happy and young pregnant couple hugging in nature at the lake. V

Discover the wonder of human fertility and learn how to ready your body for its fertile status. Discuss your family goals and learn how to achieve them Fertility Awareness Methods.

SLEO Lesson 8_32337893

Learn about the sacramentality of marriage and how a Catholic marriage differs from secular one. Discuss the commitment you are making on your wedding day and prepare you wedding liturgy.

SLEO Lesson 9_45779710

Explore your unique spirituality and unlock the power of spiritual intimacy. Learn how to pray together and what to pray for.

Money Back Guarantee

SmartLoving Engaged Online is the latest form of our acclaimed curriculum that is approved for use in a number of dioceses in Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA and Asia, and has been favourably reviewed by the Pontifical Council of the Family. The Online Course is the fruit of over a decade of experience working with Engaged Couples. 

If your celebrant, expresses any concern about the quality, efficacy or content of this course, please give us his contact details so that we can personally reassure him.

If he still won’t accept this course as marriage preparation, we will refund you the cost of the course.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we have to do marriage preparation?

Marriage is a significant step in life and it is not something to be entered into lightly. Unfortunately, in our overly materialistic culture, the pressure in the engagement period is more about planning an elaborate (and expensive) party rather than taking the time to prepare yourselves for being married to someone for the rest of your life.

In addition, Catholic marriage (or Matrimony) comes with additional obligations. It’s important that you understand these before you commit to them.

Marriage preparation is a process to help you and your fiance prepare for married life. Just like having a healthy diet helps prevent you getting sick, and recover more quickly when you do, Marriage Prep is the same for your relationship. Studies have shown that couples who do good quality marriage preparation have a lower rate of divorce and better relationship resilience when hard times inevitably come.

SmartLoving Engaged has been working with engaged couples for over a decade and we have refined all our insights to bring you a comprehensive course that gives you and your fiance a safe space to ask the important questions and put your love on a solid foundation.

Is this course suitable for us?

SmartLoving Engaged Online is suitable for all engaged couples.

If you are a long-distance couple, frequent travelers, shift worker, or have caring commitments, SmartLoving Engaged is the perfect course for you that is both high-quality, comprehensive and flexible.

We also have civilly married couples preparing for a Catholic recommitment ceremony and newlyweds. The material is timeless and even mature married couples find it valuable.

Still not sure about proceeding? Have look at our sample Topic from Lesson 1 – Marriage as a Mission

Try a Sample Topic

How is our progress marked/assessed?

At the end of each Lesson, you will complete an online quiz on the material covered. The questions are designed to ensure that you have understood the key concepts. You need at least 80% to advance to the next lesson and quizzes may not be attempted until you have spent a minimum time in the course. Quiz questions can be previewed in the printed handouts.

At the end of the course, you can order your completion certificate by answering a series of short answer questions. Your answers are then compiled into a report your celebrant who may want to discuss some of your answers with you.

To make it easier for you, the questions are provided on the last page in each Lesson’s handout so that you can draft your answers before you submit them. It’s not a test and there are no wrong answers. The purpose of the quiz is to help us support you and ensure that you’ve mastered concepts, frameworks and tools.

Will we get a certificate?

We will do you one better than just a certificate! Your final documentation includes a certificate and a report compiling your answers to your final assessment. Not only will your celebrant have evidence that you have completed your marriage prep, he will have a chance to clarify anything and offer you and your fiance additional support as needed.

Will my priest/deacon accept this course?

SmartLoving Engaged Online is the latest version of our acclaimed face-to-face curriculum that has been approved for use in dioceses around the world for over 10 years.

If your celebrant has concerns about the quality or efficacy of SmartLoving Engaged Online, please let us know and give us his contact details and we will personally reassure him.

If he still won’t accept your Course Report, we will refund you the cost of the course as part of our quality guarantee.

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How long should this course take?

SmartLoving Engaged Online has a total of nine lessons that take about 1- 1.5 hours each to complete. We recommend that you do one lesson per week so that you have time to practice the tools and complete all the activities. Most participants take around 8-12 weeks.

You can of course, work completely at your own pace and take as little or as much time as you need. However, you can not do the course justice if you aim to complete it in less than three weeks. The material is comprehensive and really requires in between lesson time to use the tools in your daily life so that you experience the benefits.

In addition, course time locks will prevent you from advancing too quickly and a timer will record your total active time spent in the course. This time is part of your documentation at the end of the course.

So don’t be too hasty! Couples who rush the course generally report lower satisfaction and rate the benefits of the course lower than those who take their time. We know it’s a busy time for you, so get started early on in your engagement so that you can take the time you need to really get the most from this.

How is this course supervised?

SmartLoving Engaged Online is offered in two tracks:

The Self-Directed track requires you to navigate through the course on your own. After you sign up, you can begin the first lesson and progress at your own pace. When you get to the last Lesson, you will complete an assessment and your answers included in your certificate for your celebrant to review.

The Parish Mentor track is offered by some parishes and allows you to interact with an experienced married couple, discussing the key concepts and personal insights. If your celebrant/parish doesn’t offer this option, talk to us about having one of our SmartLoving team members accompany you, or you may have a suitable couple in your network who we would be happy to work with.

NOTE: If you need assistance at any time, you can purchase a coaching session with one of our accredited SL Coaches.

What do I need to do this course?

All you need a computer/tablet/mobile device with high-speed internet access, the printed handouts and a pen.

SmartLoving Engaged Online is a comprehensive course that uses the power of paper and digital media. Your Course comes with a digital PDF of the printed handouts with permission to print one each for you and your fiance. It is available to download at Lesson 0: Admin as a complete set or at the beginning of each Lesson (Lesson handout only).

You can also purchase the Participant Workbook from our online store (84 pages). At the moment, all Workbooks are shipped from our base in Australia so it may be more cost effective to print your own.

What if life gets busy?

Don’t stress! If you haven’t checked in for a while, our built in reminder system will send you a friendly email prompt. While it may still be months from your wedding, we know from experience that couples who delay their preparation end up having to cram in the last few weeks – the busiest weeks of the engagement period! We want you to get the best value from the course, so we’ll be sure to send you a reminder if we haven’t seen you for more than a week.

Help! My Fiance and I are stuck!

If you are having technical issues, contact us immediately using the ‘Got a Question’ Form and we will resolve it as soon as possible.

If you are having trouble integrating any of the lessons or tools, you can purchase a one hour phone coaching session with one of our relationship coaches at anytime during the course.

If you have signed up for Parish Mentor track, speak to your mentors at your next meeting or give them a call for advice.

If you or your fiance require further professional help, consult your celebrant for advice on finding a suitable professional.

Free Sample Topic

Still not sure about proceeding? Have look at our sample Topic from Lesson 1 – Marriage as a Mission

Try a Sample Topic