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Engaged Couples

Need an approved Catholic course? Need flexibility? In a long-distance relationship or a shift worker? Want an experience to take your relationships to the next level?

Engaged Online gives you the best Catholic marriage preparation course on the market.

Anytime, Anywhere.



The course is comprised of 9 Lessons of approximately 1.5 hours each.

Ideally, one lesson per week gives you and your fiancée time to practice the tools and form new habits over a 3 month period. It can also be fast-tracked when required.

At the end of the course, you will be emailed a certificate and course report to give to your celebrant.

Work at your own pace,
when it suits you!


Want to be accompanied by a Sponsor Couple? 


Your registration includes free access for your Sponsor Couple to register in the Sponsor version of the course (optional uptake).


You can ask a couple in your parish to be your Sponsor, or your celebrant can assign one to you.


For more information on how to find a sponsor couple click here

Our Guarantee


Nihil Obstat: Most Rev. Michael Kennedy, Bishop of Armidale
Imprimatur: +Most Reverend Anthony Fisher OP, Archbishop of Sydney


June 13, 2019


The SmartLoving Engaged curriculum has ecclesiastical approval and is approved for use in numerous dioceses throughout Australia, New Zealand, the UK, USA and Asia. It has been favourably reviewed by the Pontifical Council of the Family. It is the fruit of three decades of experience working with engaged and married couples.

If your celebrant expresses any concern about the quality, efficacy or content of this course, please give us his contact details so that we can personally reassure him or direct him to the information page for celebrants and parish leaders

Course Overview



Language Options

Although the Engaged course is written and filmed in English, the course videos have closed captions that have been translated into Polish, Spanish and Mandarin.

The course videos also have subtitles in English for those that are hearing imparied.

The SmartLoving website is Google Translate compatible.

Choose your track

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Only 1 enrolment is required per couple

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2 years access

Together as a couple, work through the course on your own

Free access for Sponsor couple (optional uptake)

PDF (self-print) workbooks (or add Print workbooks at the checkout + )

Parish Sponsor (Best Value)

2 years access

Sponsor organised by your parish or chosen from your personal network

Free access for Sponsor couple (optional uptake)

SL Coach


2 years access

Certified coach provided by SmartLoving to work with you as you progress through the course

Three sessions with SL Coach. Worth

2 print* copies of the workbooks (for engaged couple only) worth )

*All print workbooks are shipped to one address and shipping is included in the price (worldwide). Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.


All tracks include:

2 years access to Engaged course

Certificate & Celebrant's Report

Wedding Liturgy Planner

FREE access to SmartLoving Fertility – online instruction in Fertility Awareness Methods

Access to exclusive member content

Support for your first year with Newlywed Date Nites 

Subscription to SL eNews and special offers

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Do we need the Workbooks?

Absolutely! The Workbooks contain all your couple activities, discussion questions, and quizzes. They are an integral part of the course where you record your reflections for sharing with your fiance.

You can download the PDF and print 2 copies at the beginning of the course (200 pages) or take advantage of our special packages that ship the workbooks to you. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

Print Workbooks (pair)

FREE shipping worldwide


Sponsor Couple

What is a sponsor couple?

A Sponsor Couple is a married couple from the Parish or your own personal network who volunteers to work through the SmartLoving Engaged course at the same time as you and your fiancé. You and your sponsor couple can meet up at the parish, at each other’s home, or via Zoom or FaceTime to discuss the questions at the end of each lesson. You can arrange with your sponsor couple how often you would like to meet and be flexible according to both your schedules. A sponsor couple is a wonderful support to an engaged couple as they can share their insights and wisdom with you from their lived experience as a Married couple and support you as you prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage.

Finding a Sponsor Couple

Even if you are getting married overseas or in another church, the parish where you live is the best place to find a Sponsor couple. Sponsors do not need training – they simply do the course in parallel: while you do the Engaged course online at home, they do the Sponsor course online at their home. When you get together, you use the questions in your workbooks to guide your discussion.

Sponsor couples should have the following criteria:

  1. Validly married in the Church five+ years
  2. Regular attendees at your parish
  3. Not a close relative or friend

For more information for your Sponsor Couple about the Sponsor course click here




Need help finding a Sponsor Couple?

You can ask your local parish priest or another parish member to introduce you to some suitable couples who you can invite to be your sponsors.

Alternatively, our SmartLoving Coaching sessions might be for you! All our Coaches are trained in the SL methodology and are living Catholic marriage joyfully.

Gift Certificate

Know someone preparing for marriage? Give a gift that really makes a difference!

The SmartLoving Online Engaged course is recognised throughout the world as a premium experience. Your gift certificate includes a set of workbooks shipped anywhere in the world.

Testimonials from our Graduates

Couples for Testimonial Engaged Page

My husband Piotr is from Poland and I am from Mexico.  When we got engaged in 2020 he was living in Europe and I was living in USA. His priest suggested your engaged couples online course. This is the first marriage for my husband Piotr and my second marriage. I was previously married for 16 years and I received an annulment. I have a teenage daughter.

I knew that marriage in real life is sometimes anything but easy. Your course provided us with enough tools to teach us about healthy marriage.

I understand all marriages have problems. Some couples are better at working through the ups and downs throughout the years than others. I give credit to courses like yours for helping couples in every stage of life. 

We got married in Fort Worth, Texas in April 29, 2022. 


Argelia and Piotr

Engaged Graduates

"The SmartLoving Marriage course’s core principle of dialogue and understanding echoed our deep-rooted belief in honest, open communication and this has helped us grow and deepen our love for each other. We are grateful for this course."

Angela & Thomas

Engaged Graduates

"SmartLoving has taught us that marriage is a journey and that everyday we need to choose each other and choose to love each other. We will continue to use the tools and strategies we have been taught and hope to inspire other engaged couples soon."

Janine & Sebastian

Engaged Graduates

"An easy, beautiful and modern approach to marriage preparation. We loved the experience as it really confirmed all the reasons why we were getting married and made us excited to begin the next chapter of our lives together."

Denise & Oliver

Engaged Graduates

"Completing the Smart Loving course was easy, efficient & modern. It confirmed all the reasons why we wanted to get married and excited us to begin our next chapter together."

Britt & Joe

Engaged Graduates

"The connect kiss (10 seconds contact) is really helping us. After we miss each other or haven’t seen each other for long we hug and kiss each other for 10 seconds and it seems magical."

Lovita & Priston

Engaged Graduates

"We loved doing the SmartLoving Engaged course. We learnt so much from it and would recommend it to all couples."

Jacinta & Jason

SmartLoving Graduates

"We found that the content really helped us to delve.
We have no idea how some couples only spend an hour where we find that we spent around 3 hours per section.
We just really wanted to put a lot of energy and effort into this course, we enjoyed the weekly tasks too.
We decided to have a session with our priest which was really lovely.
We really thank you for this course it has been enjoyable and the content is really amazing."

Luis & Jadene

SmartLoving Graduates

"We are a mixed couple, I am Catholic but my partner is not. I had previously hinted her about some teachings of the Catholic church that I thought she needed to be aware of as our relationship grew closer. However, this course has delved deeper to what it means to be Catholic and into other aspects of the Catholic Faith that I may have felt uncomfortable raising myself so was a good addition to the course. Grateful for all the lessons. We went through the course at an irregular pace, but it felt like God was guiding us to each lesson as the lesson usually matched very closely to issues/difficulties we were having with each other at that point in time. But after the lesson we were enlightened with the skills to manoeuvre such difficulties better."

Ogochukwu & Akachi

Engaged Couple

Coaching Available

Want some extra help? You can buy sessions with a SmartLoving coach at any time during your course, or take advantage now by enrolling in the SL Coach track and save.

Flexible interaction - Video-conference (standard) or email or phone if you prefer.

Quality assured - All coaches are trained and accredited by SmartLoving

Value for money - Three 50 minute sessions with the SL Coach track

How it works

After you enroll, an email will notify you of your SL Coach and provide a link to the booking calendar. Meetings usually take place via MS Teams (free) but other conferencing software, email or phone can be arranged if needed. If your coach lives locally, meetings can sometimes take place in-person.




  • Discounted rates for economically disadvantaged communities
  • Scholarships for individual couples in financial difficulty
  • Screen reader compatible for the visually impaired
  • Transcripts and closed captions for all videos for the hearing impaired
  • Google translate compatible for English-Second-Language students
  • Closed captions available in Spanish and Polish
    • Other languages coming soon!

Engaged FAQs

Included with your enrolment


Over 90% of couples graduating from SmartLoving Engaged say that they intend to use a Fertility Awareness Method or are open to it in the future. Now, you can get started learning how as soon as you finish your Engaged course at no extra cost.

For more information on the Fertility Course click here.

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