Keep your marriage vibrant while helping couples at the start of their journey.

Why become a SmartLoving Mentor?

Mentoring is one of the most effective ways to sustain your own marriage and keep it vibrant and healthy. As a Mentor couple you will be exploring the SmartLoving insights and applying them in your own marriage as you share from the wisdom of your experience. Moreover, you will be providing a valuable service: The many challenges facing couples in this age makes it vital that they be given the tools and support to be successful in marriage from the very beginning.

Some features of SmartLoving Engage Mentoring for you to consider:

  • You present the course to one or two couples at a time. If you prefer, you could facilitate a small group in parish rooms.
  • 15-20 minute DVD will present the core content of each session, so you can focus on supporting the experience of the engaged couple.
  • Flexible schedule; easily reschedule any session should it clash with another engagement
  • You decide how many courses to run; mentor as few as one or as many as ten a year.
  • No need for babysitters if the sessions are held in your home

A unique approach to Catholic Marriage Formation…

Couple-to-couple mentoring is an enjoyable and effective way to prepare engaged couples for marriage and help married couples grow closer.

Conducted in the Mentor’s home, couples not only learn valuable insights and skills from the course, they also experience the hospitality and living sacramentality of the Mentor couple. At the same time, Mentor couples are enriched in their own relationship as they demonstrate the skills and explain the concepts.

Our SmartLoving courses are designed to maximise the impact of the Mentor couple through their personal stories and the practical application of principles from Pope John Paul II’s Theology of the Body. Support materials include a comprehensive Mentor Guide with DVD content which makes the presentation of the course simple.


Training consists of several parts and can be flexibly managed according to the needs are resources available: