Operating under the principle of ‘centrally-enabled, locally-delivered’, our online system equips local dioceses and parishes to provide their own, quality marriage preparation and facilitates the engagement of local married couple sponsors without the need for extensive training. You can be up and running within the week with one of our packages.

How does it work?

If you are an organisation (e.g. a diocese/parish/movement or group) with more than ten engaged couples per year, our packages set you up to refer couples to the SmartLoving Online Engaged and track their progress through the course. You can review the course here.

  1. If you choose ‘Parish’ or ‘Diocese’, it includes the pre-purchase of enrollments and course workbooks.
    These attract up to 63% discount when purchased in bulk.
    You take your bookings on your own website or via phone, processing the fee, and posting the workbooks to the couple.
    You can charge whatever fee you like, including a margin to cover your expenses.
    In a confirmation email to the couple, you provide the link to your custom registration page on the SL website.
  2. If you choose ‘Budget’, you will need to choose which of the Engaged tracks you want your couples to take: Self-Directed, Self-Directed with Print Workbooks, Parish Sponsor, SL Coaching.
    You simply refer engaged couples to your custom registration page on SmartLoving, and we will collect their enrollment fee and post workbooks to them (if applicable).
  • Logo/crest and organisation name so that it is clearly identifiable.
  • Any custom text you wish us to include such as a message from your bishop or from your office
  • An enrollment form for the engaged that gives them immediate access to the SL Online Engaged course.
  • View custom page template here 
  1. Notifies you when a couple enrolls in the course from your organisation
  2. Sends you a weekly email with a spread sheet listing each couple, their basic data (email, wedding date, location etc) and their progress through the course.
  3. These weekly notifications allow you to keep track of your remaining enrollments. Just order more when you start to run low.
  • If the couple provides the email address of the priest/deacon supervising their preparation, he will receive a copy of this direct from our servers.
  • You can also direct your couples to add your email address to the assessment form under ‘coordinators email’ and you will also get a copy.
  1. You encourage (or require) each engaged couple to ask a couple in their parish to be their Sponsor couple. This couple accompanies them through the course, meeting up (virtually or in life) to share their insights using the provided discussion guides at the end of each lesson. Sponsor couples and clergy may enroll at no charge in the Sponsor course. You will need to provide workbooks for sponsors, so we suggest that your cover charge to the engaged couple include a margin to cover sponsor expenses.
  2. You can also reach out directly to each couple as they progress through the course to offer support or individual coaching sessions. These can be conducted virtually and include as many as you desire.
  • There is no reason why you should be out of pocket in providing SmartLoving to your Engaged couples. We offer generous discounts on our bulk packages (up to 63%) which enables you to capture some of those savings to support your work.
  • Set your price for your course at a level that covers all your expenses including those related to the course, postage, storage, administration and labour.
  • We also recommend that you include a margin to cover the registration costs of couples in financial difficulty.

Apart from the basic features included in your package, you can request further features and we’ll work to find a solution. Additional customisation will attract a fee proportional to the costs we incur during set up. Examples include:

  1. The addition of a Diocesan branded certificate at the conclusion of the course.
  2. The redirect of couples to a custom feedback survey after the last lesson.
  3. Participation certificates for the SmartLoving Fertility course.
  4. Reminder email messages from the Diocese to couples at specific stages of the course.
  5. Follow up emails to couples at the time of their wedding or first anniversary.
  6. Registration and progress monitoring for Sponsor couples and/or clergy.
  7. Registration for SL BreakThrough or other courses on our platform.


AUD $1,225
*Shipping included
  • Enrolment for 10 engaged couples
  • 10 workbook sets
  • One Time Setup Fee (Custom enrollment page and weekly notifications)
  • Approx $122/couple (34% saving)
  • * approx £690 GBP or $946 USD


AUD $3800
*Shipping included
  • Enrolment for 50 engaged couples
  • 50 workbook sets
  • One Time Setup Fee (Custom enrollment page and weekly notifications)
  • Approx $76/couple (58% saving)
  • *approx £2,172 GBP or $ 2,932USD


AUD $150
  • Engaged Couples pay SL on enrollment
  • Choose which track you want them to take: Self-Directed, Self-Directed with Workbooks, Parish Sponsor, SL Coach
  • One Time Setup Fee (Custom enrollment page and weekly notifications)
  • No need to collect fees from your couples or handle workbooks – we do that for you.
  • *approx £75 GBP or $98 USD

*Based on currency exchange rates Jan 2021, subject to change. Please consider these approximations.
Additional workbooks for Sponsors and other leaders can be added to your order if required.
Prices include 10% GST / international service fee

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