SmartLoving Fertility

There’s a smarter way to manage your fertility –
one that works with your body, your marriage and your faith.

Manage your fertility naturally,
confidently and with more freedom

Grow closer as a couple

Raise a family and keep your marriage vibrant


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SmartLoving Fertility offers an excellent and accessible way for couples to learn fertility awareness that meets the highest standards of instruction – and it does so without sacrificing the sensual and spiritual aspects of married love to clinical realities. SmartLoving Fertility can help draw spouses closer to each other and to the God who created them to love and be loved.

Christopher West | President, Theology of the Body Institute

Christopher West | President, Theology of the Body Institute

Lesson Modules:

Lesson 1 - A Total Gift of Self

1.1 Fertility In Context

1.2 Understanding Fertility

1.3 Conscious Parenthood

1.4 A Vision for Life & Love

Lesson 2 - Your Fertility

2.1 Male Anatomy

2.2 Female Anatomy

2.3 Your Combined Fertility

2.4 Cycle Length and Cycle Phases

Lesson 3 - The Ovulation Cycle

3.1 Cervical Fluid

3.2 Temperature

3.3 Menstruation

3.4 Other Markers

3.5 Fertility Status

Lesson 4 - Learning Cycles 1 & 2

4.1 The Fertility Record

4.2 Recording Cervical Fluid

4.3 Recording Temperature

4.4 The Late Infertile Phase

4.5 Troubleshooting

4.6 Couple Debrief

Lesson 5 - Learning Cycles 3 +

5.1 Bleeding

5.2 The Basic Infertile Pattern

5.3 Transition Points

5.4 Sexual Fluids

5.5 Learning Cycles and Beyond

5.6 Couple Debrief

Lesson 6 - SmartFertility Applications

6.1 Postponing Pregnancy

6.2 Achieving Pregnancy

6.3 Postpartum & Breastfeeding

6.4 Post-Pill Charting

6.5 Perimenopause

6.6 Irregular Cycles

6.7 Signs something is wrong

Lesson 7 - Living SmartFertility

7.1 Intentional Lovemaking

7.2 Skin to Skin

7.3 Conscious Parenthood

7.4 The Couple Check In

7.5 Wrap up

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  • SmartLoving Fertility is not just another birth control method. It’s a framework for living your marriage within your Catholic Faith. Based on the Sympto-Thermal method, it incorporates a unique blend of scientific insights with relationship frameworks and Catholic Theology to foster intimacy and help you flourish as a couple.

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SmartLoving Fertility FAQ’s

You can certainly learn what is involved in using a Fertility Awareness Method like SmartFertility, but you won’t be able to apply it until you discontinue hormonal contraception. This is because, hormonal contraception disrupts the normal ovulation cycle by suppressing the body’s natural production of reproductive hormones. In particular, the synthetic progesterone that is used blocks the effect of estrogen. So you will be unlikely to see any of the fertile cervical fluid build-up.

It can take several months once you discontinue hormonal contraception for your cycle to fully recover as residual synthetic hormones can still be present in your body. Every woman is different and the return to fertility can be as short as a few weeks, or many months.

You should begin recording your fertility biomarkers now and discontinue hormonal contraception as soon as possible, taking into account that you may need additional time for your fertile pattern to stabilise and to confidently use SmartLoving Fertility. Assuming that you had normal fertility before beginning hormonal contraception, once the synthetic hormones are out of your system, SmartLoving Fertility works just like any other situation. The only tricky part is navigating the transition to being  synthetic hormone free.

Of course! SmartLoving Fertility is unique from other fertility management systems because we explicitly do not recommend the use barrier methods of contraception, such as condoms, or hormonal methods of contraception, such as the morning after pill, on your fertile days.  

SmartLoving Fertility uniquely recognises and emphasises the importance of discernment as part of fertility management. Your fertility goals – whether you are avoiding, or trying to achieve pregnancy – are a vital part of your journey. It’s important to revisit these goals regularly, but this can be a difficult topic to discuss as a couple.

SmartLoving Fertility was co-authored by world-renowned marriage experts, Francine and Byron Pirola, and is designed to help couples discern fertility goals as part of natural fertility management. SmartLoving Fertility’s inbuilt discussion tools strengthen your connection as a couple, and to make fertility management an intentional, enjoyable and meaningful part of your relationship.

SmartLoving Fertility is designed for married and engaged couples. SmartLoving Fertility is a fertility management system that combines Catholic teachings with scientific methodology, and is a natural, non-invasive alternative to contraceptive technology and products. It can be used by single women to monitor their fertility cycle, but keep in mind that it is a management system designed for couples.

SmartLoving Fertility (and all of SmartLoving’s courses) can only be used if you’re of legal age (18 years old in Australia).

No, it does not. SmartLloving Fertility is designed for fertility management, not STI prevention. 

Unlike older methods that rely on cycle history to predict the fertile window, SmartLoving Fertility uses biomarkers that are tracking your ovulation cycle in real time.  In other words, it is not dependent on having regular cycles, although, it is easier to learn the method if your cycles are predictable.

If you have irregular cycles, you might find it helpful to have a personal fertility educator to assist you during the learning phase. Keep in mind, that while it is normal to have some variation in cycle length, highly irregular cycles can be a symptom of a reproductive health issue and should be investigated by your doctor.

Absolutely! SmartLoving Fertility is based on the SymptoThermal Method, a highly reliable method for postponing pregnancy when used correctly. You need to allow yourselves about three months to learn how to identify your fertile window and then follow the lovemaking guidelines to be confident of success in postponing pregnancy.

However, we would also encourage you to stay open to the possibility of pregnancy as sometimes a surprise baby is a unexpected blessing to a couple.

SmartLoving Fertility assists you in identifying your fertile window and your fertility peak. If timing is your issue, SmartLoving Fertility will be a significant help and will allow you to time your lovemaking to maximise your chances of conception.

If there are other issues associated with your ability to conceive, SmartLoving Fertility can provide important information about your reproductive health which may help your doctor in diagnosing the problem.

SmartLoving Fertility is based on the SymptoThermal Method which has been shown to have a pregnancy rate of 0-3% when used properly. To see a review of various methods, visit

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Sexual intimacy is a window onto the Divine; when couples appreciate that their lovemaking is not simply a recreational activity, but a sacred love language, their relationship takes on new purpose and meaning. It ceases to be simply an activity for mutual satisfaction and becomes a divinely-inspired mission to love.

A Total Gift of Self is an introduction to the principles of Fertility Awareness and the methods that couples can use to manage their fertility naturally and in harmony with the God’s purpose and plan for human flourishing.

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