SmartLoving Fertility

There's a smarter way to manage your fertility - one that works with your body, your marriage and your faith.

SmartLoving Fertility is not just another birth control method. It's a framework for living your marriage within your Catholic Faith.

Based on the Sympto-Thermal method, it incorporates a unique blend of scientific insights with relationship frameworks and Catholic Theology to foster intimacy and help you flourish as a couple.

Grow closer as a couple

Raise a family and keep your marriage vibrant

Manage your fertility naturally,
confidently and with more freedom

Course Overview


"Congrats on this great program!

SmartLoving Fertility offers an excellent and accessible way for couples to learn fertility awareness that meets the highest standards of instruction - and it does so without sacrificing the sensual and spiritual aspects of married love to clinical realities. SmartLoving Fertility can help draw spouses closer to each other and to the God who created them to love and be loved."

Christopher West | President, Theology of the Body Institute

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Includes 3 Sessions with an SL Coach (30 min each). Learn More*

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Fertility Coach Track

Upgrade your SmartLoving Fertility experience to the Coach track!

Your SL Fertility course includes full instruction in Fertility Awareness and takes you step by step through a process of learning how to use SmartFertility to confidently avoid, or plan, conception.

However, you may like to have personal input from a SL Coach to assist you in identifying your fertile indicators and applying the lovemaking guidelines with more confidence. This is particularly useful if:

  • you have very irregular cycle lengths
  • you have been on hormonal contraception for more than two years
  • you are sub-fertile (ie of low fertility)
  • you have a health condition that would be worsened by a pregnancy
  • you are approaching menopause (40+ years old)
  • you are post-partum or breastfeeding.

The Coach track includes:

  1. Initial briefing by video chat or voice message.
  2. Three 30 minute coach sessions (video chat) to answer your questions and review your fertility record.
  3. Fertility record feedback on-demand (via voice message/email) throughout the learning period (6 months).

How it works

  1. Once you go through the checkout and create your account, you'll receive an email with contact details for your SL Fertility Coach. Your coach will provide instructions for setting up a chat communication (usually What's App or Signal) and explain your next steps.
  2. You can book your coach sessions whenever you chose but as a guide, we recommend the following.
    1. Coach Session 1 - end lesson 4, beginning cycle 1: Work your way quickly through to Lesson 4 which is when you will begin keeping a fertility record. This is a good time to book your first coach session.
    2. Coach Session 2 - end lesson 5, end of cycle 2: You'll need to wait until you have completed 2 cycles before applying Lesson 5. Once you have done this, book your second session.
    3. Coach Session 3 - end lesson 7, end cycle 4:  Complete lessons 6 & 7 during cycle 3 then book your final coach session.
  3. You can leave a voice message or get feedback on your fertility record via the chat communication at any time for 6 months. Keep messages brief and allow 1-2 days for your coach to reply.

You can sign up at anytime during the course, but for maximum benefit, sign up early.

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SmartLoving Fertility FAQs

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A Total Gift of Self

Free introductory course

Sexual intimacy is a window onto the Divine; when couples appreciate that their lovemaking is not simply a recreational activity, but a sacred love language, their relationship takes on new purpose and meaning. It ceases to be simply an activity for mutual satisfaction and becomes a divinely-inspired mission to love.

A Total Gift of Self is an introduction to the principles of Fertility Awareness and the methods that couples can use to manage their fertility naturally and in harmony with the God’s purpose and plan for human flourishing.

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