Engaged Online allows you to provide flexible, high-quality marriage preparation from within your own parish.

Designed to be experienced over a period of two to four months, Engaged Online responds to the call of the recent Synods on the Family for marriage preparation to be more like a catechumenate than a once off course that is completed in a day or weekend.


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Review the Course for Free

Would you like to get FREE access to review SmartLoving Engaged Online course?

It is easy, just click the button bellow fill out the form, create your account and get instant access to the Sponsor version of the Engaged course which is identical to the Engaged couple version with the exception of the progression and time locks. This means that you can move to any lesson in the course in any order and that you are not required to spend the minimum hour in each lesson before attempting the lesson quizzes.

Another difference is the end of course certificate – you won’t get one! If you need a certificate, please enroll in the Engaged Online Course.


Getting started is easy!

We offer three options to make it easier for you to direct your engaged couples to the track you want. Review the options below and then simply instruct your couples to select your preferred track when they enroll.


$9900 AUD2 years access
  • Certificate and Course Report
  • Self-Print Workbooks
  • Free for Sponsors (optional uptake)
  • For Parishes with limited resources
  • Approx. $69 USD, £55 GBP

If you have limited resources in your own parish, you can opt for a simple, no fuss solution by instructing your engaged couples to enroll in the Self-Directed package and work their way through the course independently. They will then be back in your office several months later with their Course Report detailing their learning for you to review.

If the couple provides us with your email address at the time of completing their final assessment, you will receive their Certificate and Report in your inbox direct from our server, along with a link to the Celebrants Guide. This guide provides an overview of the content covered in each lesson and ideal answers to the questions which appear in the Course Report.

The celebrant (or local priest if the couple is marrying overseas), may find this guide helpful for a more dynamic discussion in their follow-up meetings. Or, if time is scarce, the Guide identifies the two key lessons (Conflict, Sacrament) for priority attention.

Information for engaged couples, click here.

Access the Celebrants Guide, click the button below.


Parish Sponsor

$17000 AUD2 year access
  • Certificate and Course Report
  • Workbooks (4) shipped
  • Free for Sponsors
  • For Parishes building a Marriage Ministry
  • Approx. $131 USD, £96 GBP

Every couple who enrolls in the online course receives a gift coupon for a married couple to access the Sponsor course (all packages). Ideally, this Sponsor couple will be active parishioners in the parish at which the engaged couple attends church or, if not practicing, is most likely to if their faith was rekindled (i.e. a parish near where they reside).

Parish Sponsors provide regular face-to-face meetings supporting the engaged couple and provide your married couples with a powerful marriage enrichment experience.

As the online environment is designed to be a self-directed experience, all that is required of Sponsor Couples is to do the Sponsor course as participants, meeting with the engaged couple over coffee or a meal to talk about the course using the discussion questions provided in the workbooks. There is no training required. 

The celebrant still receives the Course Report at the end of the course. The Parish Sponsor Package includes four copies of the workbooks shipped to one address.

Information for sponsor couples, go here.

Information on how to set up a Parish Sponsor system in your parish, click the button below.


SmartLoving Coach

$39500 AUD2 year access
  • Certificate and Course Report
  • Workbooks (2) shipped
  • Three sessions with a SL Coach
  • For couples in special circumstances
  • Approx. $277 USD, £220 GBP

For couples who select this package, a SmartLoving Coach will interact with them as they work their way through the course. Coaches are Catholic couples who have lived the benefits of SmartLoving principles and are passionate about sharing their wisdom with others.

We match each engaged couple with the most suitable coach available who arranges the meeting format and time directly with the engaged couple. Three ‘meetings’ are included and may be face-to-face if the coach lives locally to the engaged, or via video-conference. If preferred email correspondence is also an option.

The engaged are also provided with a set of workbooks for their use, shipped to their address.

The Celebrant will still receive the Course Report at the conclusion for discussion with the engaged couple.

Use this track if you want your engaged couples to have direct interaction with a couple but don’t have the resources in your parish to support a Parish Sponsor system.

Information on SmartLoving Coach sessions, click the button below.

SmartLoving Coach

Ready to refer couples?

You can begin referring your engaged couples to SmartLoving today. Download the printable flyers to email, post or hand to your engaged couples.

Flyer for the Engaged


Marriage Ministry in your Parish

Catholic Marriage Preparation in the 21st century is undergoing a radical transformation.

Psychological sciences are developing deeper insights into what makes relationships work and theological advances are equipping Catholics to more clearly and powerfully articulate the role of Matrimony in the mission of the Church.

In addition, new technologies provide flexible and more effective ways for parishes to nurture the gift of Matrimony in all its stages within their community.

With the SmartLoving Sponsor system, parishes can initiate a marriage ministry with minimum effort and powerful impact.

Parish Sponsor System

Parish/Diocese Packages

Are you a parish or diocesan coordinator who manages ten or more couples each year?

We provide cost effective packages that allow you retain control of the preparation process and help you fund your ministry. Find out more through the link below.

Parish/Diocesan Packages

Pastoral Care and Follow Up


SmartLoving Engaged has been granted ecclesiastical approval

Nihil Obstat: Most Rev. Michael Kennedy, Bishop of Armidale

Imprimatur: +Most Reverend Anthony Fisher OP, Archbishop of Sydney

June 13, 2019 | View the Imprimatur: here

View the documentation of edits made to the existing print materials: here

Want More Detail?

Want something you can print out or use for a presentation to your leadership team? Use the links to access our resource kits that outline the process for starting a marriage catechumenate in your parish.