Exploring the gift of your
sexual relationship


Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions.
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


Father, What a wonderful gift You have given me in my sexuality. 
It was so good of You to do that for me. 
Help me to rejoice in my sexuality the way You do. 
I want to appreciate it as a grace and power You have given me to put
Your joy and happiness in my spouse’s life.
I ask this through Jesus our Saviour.


Spend time on your answers. These are life long questions. The fuller your answer the greater the gift to your husband/wife.
Deliver your answers to your spouse with warmth and love. Take time to talk over your answers thoroughly.  It may take several days or a week to internalize the full dimensions of what your spouse is revealing to you.  Treasure that gift and ponder it in your heart.


1. What are your dreams about a) your sexuality, b) your sexual relationship?

2.  What are your concerns and fears about a) your sexuality, b) your sexual relationship?

3.  How much are you affected in a) your sexuality, b) your sexual relationship, by your concerns, fears?

4.  What are your spouse’s sexual dreams and hopes?

5.  What are your spouse’s sexual concerns, fears?

6.  How much is your spouse affected by his/her fears and concerns?

7.  What do you want for your children which was denied you sexually?