Two of Us: Affection


Understanding the role
of affection in marriage


Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions.
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


Father it is so good to be with You. 
You are so good to me and have been all my life. 
I love You and am so grateful for Your love for me. 
That means so much to me. Be good to my beloved.
I can’t express deeply enough my appreciation for Your calling us together.
Help me to deepen my love!  I ask this through Christ our Lord.


1.  We hold hands and hug each other (circle two):

      a.  just like we used to when we were engaged
      b.  only in the bedroom
      c.  mostly at the expected times, such as leaving the house or coming home
      d.  every day
      e.  if we feel like it or it seems called for
      f.  when I want something
      g.  when my wife/husband wants something

2.  I think touching each other frequently is (circle two):

      a.  just for kids
      b.  something which doesn’t happen enough between us
      c.  something we don’t need
      d.  more important for women than men
      e.  just a prelude to sex
      f.  not as important as it used to be now that we have sex
      g.  something I don’t like to do.

Write answers on a separate page, exchange papers with your spouse and discuss.

3.  When my beloved touches me tenderly without sex as a goal, I feel (explain fully).

4.  What do I enjoy most when you put your arm around me or hold my hand when we’re talking?

5.  Why does it mean so much to me?


Two of Us Series

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