Anyone who has ever excelled in anything in life, be it music, sport or business, knows that if you want to be the best, you have to hang out with the best. Training with others who are dedicated to excellence in your chosen field helps advance your own ability. Not only do you learn from them, you also are encouraged to be more ambitious for yourself as you see others excel. It’s the same with marriage.

If we really want to have champion marriages, we need to mix with champion couples.

We all need supportive friendships. Too often couples rely on friends who are just not capable of either teaching them about relationship or providing the appropriate encouragement. Friends are very influential in a person’s life. When tough times befall a marriage, the constructive and positive support of friends can make or break a couple.

A wise couple will foster friendships with those who have strong vibrant marriages and be thoughtful about their exposure to those who are negative or in cynical marriages. This is not to say one should disown divorcing friends – if their marriage is suffering, they especially need your support. Rather, it’s about ensuring that there is a good supply of positive and inspirational examples of marriage to help you sustain your motivation.


Put the sizzle in your marriage