Two of Us: Sexual Formation


How first learning about
sex and sexuality affects you


Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. 
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


My parents are important to me, Father.
They have had such an influence upon me. 
I don’t always like the results.  Help me to forgive them. 
Let me let their failure go so that I can get on with my life. 
I struggle so much with this that I am sending
Your beloved Son, Jesus to intercede for me.


1. When did you get your first information about sex and sexuality?

_____  In my early years (5,6,7)
_____  In my middle years (8,9,10)
_____  In my adolescence (11.12,13)
_____  As a teenager
_____  Other (specify: ___________________)

2. What did you learn?

3. Where did you get this information?  Mark it with a C, for childhood. Then go back over the list and mark it with the letter A, for what you learned as an adult.

_____ mother                            _____ popular music
_____ father                              _____ movies
_____ brothers and sisters     _____ TV
_____ grandparent                  _____ magazines/books
_____ friend                              _____ school classes
_____ teacher                           _____ church retreat
_____ priest/sister                  _____ locker room
_____ Other _______________ (specify)

4. Imagine you are at the family dinner table today and your whole family is present. You ask a question about sex. How would your family react? (Be specific about each member of your family. How would each react?)

5. What does this tell you about your family’s attitudes about sex and sexuality? Have their attitudes changed since you were a child?

6. How have your attitudes about sex and sexuality been affected by:

 a)  Society
 b)  Friends
 c)  Church
 d)  Family

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