Two of Us: Fault Finding


On criticizing your spouse


Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions.
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


Father, I come to you this day with love and yearning. 
I want to be better at our marriage. 
I need your help so that I can be all you hope me to be as a husband/wife. 
Fill me with your ambitions for me and us.
I ask this through Jesus, my brother.  Amen.


1. I most frequently criticize my spouse concerning (circle two):

      a.  money
      b.  the house
      c.  not understanding me
      d.  conduct with others
      e.  not paying attention to me
      f.  his/her way of handling the kids
      g.  appearance
      h.  friends
      i.  sex
      j.  relatives
      k.  activities
      l.  religion
      m.  putting job first
      n.  sleep
      o.  hobbies
      p.  eating habits
      q.  shopping
      r.  time

2. When my spouse criticizes me, my reaction is to (circle one):

      a.  defend myself
      b.  ignore it
      c.  get angry
      d.  withdraw
      e.  get back
      f.  be hurt
      g.  try to change

Write answers on a separate page, exchange papers with your spouse and discuss.

3. I am hurt the most when my spouse criticizes me about (explain what it is and why it hurts so much)…

4. Why is it so easy for me to find fault with you and so difficult to see your good points?


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