Seems it is no longer enough to have an OTT (Over The Top) wedding… now the proposal has to be an extravaganza too.

Maybe this trend is the counter balance to the wedding inflation as part of the bride’s self-expression (we know what you’re thinking… we don’t agree either – the wedding is not just the bride’s day, but in practice it often is)  – is the proposal becoming the opportunity for the groom to shine?

These videos will bring a tear to any eye, but, wow! Some of them are amazing efforts of coordination.  And that begs another question…is such a moment really the place for camera crews and hoards of friends?

Have a look at this collection of ‘Best Marriage Proposals 2012’ on Huff Post and tell us what you think.

PS I love the one in the plane – after faking an inflight emergency (they’re in a four seater and he’s the pilot) he’s lucky she didn’t throw him out.


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