Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. 
Write some notes and then share your answers more fully with your spouse.


I have to talk to You some more about my opinion of me. 
It is not what it should be. 
Father, I have to accept what You think of me rather than what I do. 
It’s hard for me to change this. 
You are going to have to help me. 
Let Christ the Lord speak to you, on my behalf.  Amen.



1. Check as many as apply, even sometimes. I see myself as:

___ Ahead of most people___ a listener
___ behind most people___ a quiet type
___ aggressive___ a gossip
___ often misunderstood___ confrontative
___ forgiving___ romantic
___ manipulative___ tired
___ strong-willed___ easily hurt
___ agreeable, permissive___ inadequate
___ afraid to fight___ indifferent
___ an independent thinker___ tired of doing all the listening
___ critical___ joyful
___ tense___ complimentary
___ calm, cool, collected___ dreamer/visionary
___ trusting in myself___ practical
___ insecure___ an intellectual
___ confident___ judgmental
___ tired of doing all the talking___ intense
___ decisive___ a dependent person

___ an achiever

___ laid back
___ a logical thinker___ unemotional
___ enjoying conversation___ a good listener
___ honest and sincere___ affectionate
___ analytical___ argumentative
___ lonely___ trusting of others
___ insensitive___ easy going