Two of Us: Symptoms of Hurt




Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. 
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


Why did You ever choose us to be married? 
When I look at how good my spouse is, I feel he/she deserves so much love, Father. 
Help me to truly appreciate their goodness and fill me with Your ambition for my love. 
Put me on fire with desire and eagerness. 
I send the Lord himself, Your Son to bring You my request.



1. Sometimes I am or I feel in my marriage: (Check whatever applies to you, even if only sometimes or in some circumstances. Place an X where you believe your spouse has that characteristic.)

___ cynical
___ cautious
___ aggressive
___ demanding
___ hypersensitive 
___ self-protective
___ cold/distant/indifferent
___ distrusting 
___ shallow
___ easily annoyed
___ defensive
___ withdrawn    
___ sulky    
___ self-righteous
___ moody
___ controlling
___ fearful
___ closed
___ tense

___ angry
___ sarcastic
___ callous
___ competitive
___ negative
___ unyielding
___ martyred
___ petty
___ mean
___ revengeful
___ self-centered
___ jealous
___ despairing
___ apathetic
___ critical
___ self-pitying
___ judgmental
___ need for approval
___ bored

2. Compare lists and talk about what these symptoms mean to your relationship and the hurt behind them.


Two of Us Series

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