Two of Us: Decisions in Marriage


A couple exercise to explore your
relationship and the decisions you make


Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. 
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


I just want to be close to You, at this moment,
just taking a some time simply to be in Your presence. 
I don’t do this enough Father, so let me make the most of this. 
You are here with me and I see You smiling.
Imbed this moment in my memory. I ask this in the name of Jesus. 


1.    Relationship to each other:

a.    How much does your enjoyment enter into my daily thoughts?
b.    If we have different ideas, how do we usually decide?
c.    Compared to my spouse, how often am I the first to say: ” I am sorry.”?  How does my answer make me feel?

2.    Relationship to others:

a.    What is my/your relationship with your parents?
b.    What is my/your relationship with my parents?
c.    Where do I/you stand with our children?  Am I, are you, equally involved?
d.    Am I open to more life?  Are You?
e.    Our friends: yours, mine, ours?

3.    Relationship to God:

a.    Describe the times you have led me closer to God. Explain.
b.    When do I pray best?
c.    How involved am I in the Church?
d.    When do you pray best?
e.    How involved are you in the Church?

4.    Everyday life together:

a.    Make out a schedule of how I spend my waking hours.
b.    Make out a schedule of how your spouse spends his/ her waking hours.
c.    Look at the schedules each of you have made out and talk over the different perceptions each of you has.
d.    How much of our time is for us?
e.    Do the same for weekends
f.    If both of us work, what does it cost in “us” time?
g.    If I/you cut down work hours, what would it do for us?
h.    List six expenditures we could eliminate.  If we did, could we work less hours?


Two of Us Series

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