Two of Us: Priorities


A couple exercise to establish
marriage as a priority


Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. 
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


You have made it very evident to me Father, that love is what my life is all about. 
My life gets very busy. The chores overwhelm me at times
and I am not always clear sighted about what is important. 
My mind is sometimes a mess. Straighten me out. 
The Lord Jesus is my advocate.


1. Make a list of my priorities in our marriage – put down as many as you like.

2. Take the 3 most important to you and write fully why they mean so much.

3. What will you have to change in order to accomplish these priorities? How will you?

4. If your sexual relationship wasn’t one of your priorities, write about what that means now.



Two of Us Series

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