Two of Us: Changes




Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. 
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.



Father, You know I really want to be good at our marriage.
I do take it very seriously. This is Your call to me and it is very important
that I live up to the potential to love which You have placed in me. 
Help me to look at myself with great sincerity so that
I can be more for the spouse whom You have given me.
I ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord.


Answer the following questions in terms of your relationship to your husband/wife.


1. My goal is to love you totally with no reservations. Describe what that means to me.

2. What holds me back from this totality?

3. The following are important to you. The ones I most need to improve are: (check all that apply)

___ Listen to you
___ Not holding grudges
___ Reconciling
___ Non verbal communication
___ Telling you what is going on inside me
___ How we fight
___ Letting you be you
___ My priorities
___ My moods
___ My hopes
___ Other

4. Take two you have checked in number 3 and explain fully.

5. How can we make our love more visible to our children?


Two of Us Series

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