Two of Us: Barriers to Belonging


How well do you give all
of yourself to your spouse?


Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. 
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


What a great gift You have given me in the Sacrament of Marriage.
What a blessing!  I raise to You a constant and heartfelt thank You.
It is so wonderful to be married to my beloved. 
You certainly outdid Yourself when You created her/him. 
Let me be worthy of my beloved.  Let me not hold anything back. 
He/she deserves all of me.  I send Jesus to You with my request. 



1. Go through the items listed below.  Put a check mark next to any item which applies.

_____  Postponing decision to practice my sexuality
_____  Easily annoyed or embarrassed by spouse
_____  Critical of spouse
_____  Bored and disinterested with spouse
_____  Uncomfortable or disagree with spouse’s position on:
      _____ Birth Control
      _____ Money
      _____ In-Laws
      _____ Politics
      _____ Discipline of Children
      _____ Other _________________________________________(specify)

_____  Gossip about spouse (family, friends, priests, sisters).
_____  Prejudiced against spouse.
_____  Believe the spouse has no right to tell me what to           do.
_____  See myself as more progressive than the spouse.
_____  Fear being different from my friends so I keep my mouth shut on love of spouse.
_____  Resist deep involvement with my spouse.
_____  Consider my money to be mine alone.
_____  Ignore any principles of spouse.
_____  Accept criticisms of spouse I hear from outsiders.

2.    Take the three most influential ones and give a full explanation.


Two of Us Series

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