Two of Us: Attitudes About Sexuality


How do you use the gift of your
sexuality in your marriage?


Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. 
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


Father, tell me why I am not completely at ease with my sexuality.
So often I’m tentative, discouraged, self rejecting in this area. 
Take me beyond myself and give me Your attitude toward my sexuality. 
Jesus, himself is bringing my petition to You.



1. The gift of sexuality in marriage includes: hugging, touching, teasing, working, playing, praying, sharing faith, and sharing feelings with another person. Some of my attitudes about using my gift of sexuality in marriage are: (Check any attitudes which describe you.)

      _____  afraid I’ll be misjudged
      _____  I frequently use my Gift of Sexuality
      _____  I’m cautious because I fear I’ll lose control of myself
      _____  I don’t know how without creating genital involvement
      _____  “nice” people don’t use sexuality
      _____  I’m too shy
      _____  It’s a lot of fun
      _____  Spouse would think I was crazy if I hugged him/her
      _____  Other _______________________________

2. Explain those you checked.

3. What is my greatest sexual gift and how do I use it with my spouse?

Two of Us Series

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