Why Won’t You Have Sex with Me?

Christopher West | The Cor Project | More: here “Why won’t you have sex with me?” she pleaded. “I want to learn to love you in the right way,” he responded with

Why Won’t You Have Sex with Me?2015-03-22T16:34:12+11:00

Do Catholics Have Better Sex?

According to research by the Family Research Council, that's a resounding 'Yes!' Drawing on data from a number of studies, devout, married Catholics have the best sex of any demographic group,

Do Catholics Have Better Sex?2021-01-05T15:42:49+11:00

Tainted Love: Why is 50 Shades of Grey so Popular?

This article first appeared in Patheos and is republished here with the permission of the author. Note:  The following article deals frankly with sexual topics Unless you’ve been living under a rock,

Tainted Love: Why is 50 Shades of Grey so Popular?2015-02-06T12:37:09+11:00

Is the Catholic Church Obsessed with Sex?

By Bernard Toutounji (Foolish Wisdom) Without a doubt, the articles I write which attract the most feedback (positive or negative) are always those that discuss sexual morality and the Catholic Church. Nothing

Is the Catholic Church Obsessed with Sex?2015-01-15T15:41:02+11:00

How Porn Kills Great Sex in Marriage

According to Sam Black of Covenant Eyes, there are four fundamental ways that pornography undermines marital sex. Contrary to expectations, porn won't make you a better lover, it won't spice things

How Porn Kills Great Sex in Marriage2021-05-13T15:28:16+10:00

Climax Problems (Sex)

Climax, or orgasm, occurs when the level of arousal reaches a point of intensity that triggers rhythmic muscular contractions in the genital area. Orgasm is also associated with intense experience of

Climax Problems (Sex)2021-07-21T11:25:39+10:00

Sex: for pleasure or life-giving love?

From the so-called ‘articles’ in Playboy to public billboards, the social discussion on sex and its function is ever more obvious. The cultural view of sex is that it’s an activity. We

Sex: for pleasure or life-giving love?2015-01-15T14:55:55+11:00

Intentional Intercourse

All natural fertility methods require the couple to abstain from sexual intercourse during the time of combined fertility if they wish to avoid pregnancy.

Intentional Intercourse2016-11-03T10:49:03+11:00
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