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Song of Songs Explained

Get in touch with one of the greatest love songs of all time – the Book of the Song of Songs in the Old Testament. Written as a poetic dialogue between

Song of Songs Explained2021-07-23T09:55:22+10:00

Gratitude: The Heart-beat of Love

New research validates age-old wisdom: the simple habit of gratitude can transform a jaded marriage into a joyous encounter. By Marilyn Rodrigues A University of North Carolina study released last month

Gratitude: The Heart-beat of Love2021-03-19T15:11:48+11:00

Expectations in Marriage

In this post we feature some extracts from a homily by Bishop Anthony Taylor of the Diocese of Little Rock, Arkansas. Read the full article: here Happiness is determined by our expectations

Expectations in Marriage2020-06-19T16:10:33+10:00

Monogamy is Supernatural

I came across blogger Matt Walsh and was captured with his bold articles. Here's a great one on monogamy and marriage. His response to the frustrated professor's letter below will leave

Monogamy is Supernatural2020-02-05T15:00:30+11:00

How Often Do Men Need to Have Sex?

Shaunti Feldhahn is an author and social researcher who specialises in marital relationships. In this article she responds to a question from a female reader about how often men need sex:

How Often Do Men Need to Have Sex?2021-05-27T15:52:22+10:00

In Marriage, Big Boxes Can Be Trouble

Humour is an indespensible asset in a marriage. This week we feature an exerpt from this very funny story by Cindy Chupack in the NY Times. Click the link to read the

In Marriage, Big Boxes Can Be Trouble2015-08-14T10:49:48+10:00

The Benefits of Marrying in your Mid-to-late 20s

W. Brad Wilcox | Washington Post | Full article: here These days, 20something marriage has gotten a reputation for being a bad idea. That’s partly because parents, peers, and the popular

The Benefits of Marrying in your Mid-to-late 20s2020-02-04T17:22:29+11:00

How to slow down in an accelerating world

Try losing time with those you love, so says Massimo Introvigne on Mercatornet. Read the full article: here Why are we so busy? After all, our cars move faster and our emails

How to slow down in an accelerating world2015-07-17T14:41:31+10:00

Love is a Dance

Dr Sue Johnson is a renowned therapist and specialist in attachment theory. For more articles, visit: http://www.drsuejohnson.com/ There are only so many dances in a love relationship. The happier we are, the more fluid

Love is a Dance2015-04-10T12:33:33+10:00

Am I a Body or Do I Have a Body?

Christopher West reflects on the Christian approach to the body. For more information on the Cor (ie the 'heart') Project or to subscribe visit. The Cor Project

Am I a Body or Do I Have a Body?2020-11-30T12:22:41+11:00
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