Ambition means ‘to seek after earnestly, to aspire to’. It is usually a characteristic associated with individuals. The question for couples is: What is the role of ambition in our marriages?

This is the topic for the latest instalment in the SmartLoving @Home series (more info: here) in which authors Byron & Francine Pirola offer thought-provoking insights and practical tools to explore the topic together as a couple.

Ambition is not usually something we associate with marriage. Yet having ambition for our marriage is essential if we want our relationship to advance.

Having ambition for our marriage is different to having expectations. Ambition refers to something we want to achieve, while an expectation is something one expects to be given, or to spontaneously occur. Expectations imply passivity and engender an attitude of entitlement which can quickly give way to resentment when those expectation are not fulfilled. Ambition on the other hand, empowers us, it fosters a can-do attitude that equips us to deal with set backs and develop the resilience to build a relationship able to withstand the dramas of life.

Other chapters include: Divinely Inspired, Ambition in Action, Expanding the Vision

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