Two of Us: Member of the Faithful


What role do I play as a
Catholic in the world?


Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. 
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


Have I ever thanked You, Father, for calling me to be a Catholic?
I know I complain sometimes, because we are not a perfect Church. 
But really, how wonderful of You to bond me to Your Son, through his people. 
I send Your Son to You, in my name, to plead with You
to make me more grateful for being Catholic.


1. Describe myself as a Catholic by checking those that apply to me

a.  ___ docile
b.  ___ rebellious
c.  ___ maturing
d.  ___ forgotten
e.  ___ does my duty
f.  ___ involved
g.  ___ distant
h.  ___ fervent
i.  ___ private
j.  ___ a prodigal
k.  ___ indifferent
l.  ___ one who wants to know more about us
m.  ___ dedicated
n.  ___ active in the parish

2.    How do I remember growing up Catholic?  (For converts the question is : What are my earliest memories of Catholics?)

3.    What do I/we most bring to our parish?

4.    How visible am I as a Catholic? (at work, in the neighborhood, with my children, in the parish, at parties)

5.    Would the quality of life in our parish deteriorate, if we moved?  Explain.

6.    Describe my hopes for our parish.

7.    How can we bring them about?


Two of Us Series

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