Part 3 in the Quest for Happiness Series

In all the discussions about what makes a wife happy (see Smart Loving What Women Really Want & The Equality Myth), it strikes us that the happiness of husbands is often overlooked.

Actually, it’s rarely on the agenda. That in itself says something about us as a society. Perhaps this is because one of the most significant things that contributes to a husband’s happiness is his wife’s satisfaction.

When she’s happy, he feels successful in the marriage. When she’s unhappy, it translates as failure for him. 

A husband instinctively will assume responsibility for his wife’s happiness, and on the whole, most wives agree he is responsible, even if only subconsciously. When a wife is unhappy in the marriage, it is NEVER her fault! Of course, when a man is unhappy in the marriage, that’s his fault as well!

If there is one thing that is guaranteed to suck the life out of a husband and crush his spirit, it’s an unhappy, critical wife. When a wife persistently complains and nags and criticizes her husband, he eventually gives up trying. He concludes that she just can’t be satisfied.

In contrast, an affirming wife empowers him to be the best he can be in all endeavors, including in their marriage.