Planning a wedding is busy and stressful! The practical reality of organising the many details is complicated by the tension of negotiating differences between each other while navigating the expectations of extended family.

No matter how grand the plans or how well the wedding day runs, if your relationships are strained in the lead up, the joy of the day for you and your family will be undermined. That’s not the way to start a life together. Here are three tips for keeping the stress under control.

  1. It’s not just about you. The wedding industry will tell you that it’s ‘your day’ but weddings are the joining of two families and not just two individuals. If you want to have family celebrate with you on the day, then you have to allow room for them to have an opinion and to make a contribution. Yes, it might feel like interference but keep it in perspective: the day will come and go but your family relationships will endure – for better or worse!
  2. It’s about more than just the day. Many couples (brides especially) have long held dreams for their wedding day. It’s easy to become overly attached to an idea when it has been percolating in your imagination for so long, but remember that no wedding issue is more important than your relationship. No matter how strongly you may feel about something, your relationship is infinitely more valuable.
  3. Get in early. A marriage education course may seem unnecessary when you are so in love but they have proven effectiveness in enhancing relationship resilience. The course will teach you practical skills that empower you to create and sustain a strong bond so get in early, before the busyness peaks, and you’ll have new skills you can use during your engagement as well as in your marriage.