Unplanned Blessings


Not all pregnancies happen in the best circumstances yet sometimes there is unexpected joy in the unplanned.

Planned Parenthood (PP) is the largest provider of abortion in USA and receives millions in government subsidies. It has been in the news of late following a series of expose videos taken by undercover actors posing as agents procuring fetal body parts. Senior PP managers have been caught on film discussing how they modify the procedure in order to obtain intact organs for sale.

Selling human tissue is illegal in the USA and the videos have prompted a number of senators and congressmen to call for PP to be defunded. Meanwhile, PP is in crisis with even the PR agency engaged to manage the situation distancing itself from the organisation.

Whatever your point of view about PP, the practice of selling fetal body parts, or its attempts to justify its continued funding, what has been an unexpected reaction is a life-affirming response that has emerged on Twitter. Tagged #UnPlannedParenthood, in 140 characters or less, people are tweeting their stories of unexpected blessing. Here are a few gems to give you the flavour.



No one likes to be out of control, especially when it comes to family planning. Yet almost every couple has faced an unplanned or difficult pregnancy, or the possibility of one, as they anxiously await a late period or test results on the health of their unborn baby. We ourselves have been in that space and have felt sick to our stomach with the worry and fear of what might be ahead of us.

For some, the notion of a pregnancy, or a disabled child, is overwhelming and terrifying. Often decisions have to be made in a very short time frame. It is precisely in these difficult times that we most need to hear stories of hope. 

These Twitter micro-stories provide a snapshot of life on the other side of a difficult pregnancy. They show us how hope may be found in the face of devastating news. As difficult as an unplanned pregnancy can be, it seems that embracing the unplanned is often the pathway to unexpected blessing.


Michelle Ray@GaltsGirl . Jul 29
My youngest was unplanned, & diagnosed with a birth defect that babies are routinely still abort for. She’s AMAZING. #UnPlannedParenthood

Krtistina Ribali @KristinaRibali . Jul 29
Sitting here with my 12yr old daughter and she just asked how anyone could be unplanned when God plans for every life #unplannedparenthood

Sr. Miriam James @onegroovynun . Jul 31
I was the result of #UnplannedParenthood I’m grateful that my mom said yes to life and chose adoption for me. I pray for her always!

Jenn @JenJacques . Jul 29
Had complete placenta previa @5 mos, docs said “just have a simple abortion, you’ll be fine” Son starts college in Jan. #UnplannedParenthood

Carl Gustav @CaptYonah . Jul 29
My mom had me at 19, a total accident baby. She died of cancer 5 yrs later. I wish I could thank her for her choice. #UnplannedParenthood

Brian Dykstra @bwadykstra . Jul 29
My birth mother was 16 when she had me. She gave me up for #adoption. I’m alive because of that decision. #unplannedparenthood

Katie Elizabeth @katieecrandall1 . Jul 29
They sat in a clinic. Her name was called. Dad held her hand & said “we can’t do this.” 7mo later my brother was born. #Unplannedparenthood

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