Two of Us: Man & Woman




Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. 
Write some notes so that you can share more fully with your spouse.


Thank you, my God for all you do for me. 
I’m always pretty quick Father, to get after You when I need something
but once You give it to me, I have something else I want. 
Thank you, thank you, thank you. 
I can’t say it enough. 
Let Jesus thank you for me.


1. Put an M next to the qualities you consider most typical of men and an F next to the qualities you consider most typical of women.

___ tender ___ punctual
___ aggressive ___ sensitive
___generous ___ hardworking
___ strong willed ___ sexy
___ possessive ___ emotional
___ business sense ___ giving
___ organized ___ forgiving
___ vengeful ___ understanding
___ communicative ___ in touch with feelings


2. When you come together, see where you agree and disagree. Talk over where you see your attitudes help or interfere with your relationship.

3. Place a check mark in front of the following statements you agree with, even a little bit:

___ Our marriage is a 50/50 proposition.
___ We have a more mature love than we did when younger and in love.
___ All marriages need privacy.
___ Men don’t fully understand women.
___ It’s wrong for a wife to work except in emergencies.
___ It’s good for each spouse to have some separate friends and activities.
___ His work is most significant to a man’s self worth.
___ Talking personally on a regular basis is essential for couples.
___ Most men are not as involved with the children.
___ Women have to have a career for their self esteem.
___ Husband needs his wife’s sexual desire for him to truly see him as a man.
___ A husband has as much responsibility for raising children as a wife.

4. Ask Yourself:

a. What does a wife most get out of marriage?
b. What does a wife most bring?
c. What does a husband most bring?
d. What does a husband most get out of marriage?
e. Do your answers reveal role playing?
f. Are you raising your children with these same attitudes? Is your spouse? Be specific.



Two of Us Series

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