The Midlife Crisis Reinvented

Recently we were talking with a woman whose husband is in the grip of a midlife meltdown. Actually, she wasn’t the first; there have been a string of them over the

The Midlife Crisis Reinvented2018-03-16T14:40:35+11:00

Nine Reasons to Kick Porn to the Curb

The Catholic Gentleman | Republished with the permission of the author  Forget Ebola, porn is the real plague consuming our society. It is an epidemic of massive proportions and a growing public

Nine Reasons to Kick Porn to the Curb2020-01-21T15:29:47+11:00

Accessing Supernatural Powers

Jesus promised his disciples to send the Holy Spirit. Two thousand years later, the Holy Spirit is still channelling grace into the hearts of believers. Graham and Jenn were not doing very

Accessing Supernatural Powers2015-05-11T18:32:11+10:00

Dealing with Serious Issues

Ron & Kathy Feher discuss how a husband or wife can address a serious wound in a relationship, including addictions and infidelity.

Dealing with Serious Issues2021-01-05T15:40:22+11:00

How Porn Kills Great Sex in Marriage

According to Sam Black of Covenant Eyes, there are four fundamental ways that pornography undermines marital sex. Contrary to expectations, porn won't make you a better lover, it won't spice things

How Porn Kills Great Sex in Marriage2021-05-13T15:28:16+10:00

Have you been lied to? Part I

Re-posted with permission by Agi Reefman Last week on my blog post, one person asked the question, “What’s this lie you’re talking about?” It was an excellent question which really made me

Have you been lied to? Part I2020-01-21T14:56:00+11:00

Pornography and Infidelity

Another contribution to sexual problems is the use of pornography. Pornography has be shown to stimulate the same neural pathways which are associated with other addictions. Like drugs or alcohol, a

Pornography and Infidelity2021-01-05T15:40:47+11:00


The proverb, “Good fences make good neighbours” has a great deal of wisdom. The concept of having clearly defined boundaries helps us to develop healthy relationships. When people know the limits of


Responsible Honesty

Defining Honesty An honest person is someone we can trust; they have a track record of being true to their values and their word. The old adage ‘if we are honest in

Responsible Honesty2015-01-15T15:02:23+11:00
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