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We’ve already explored how to deepen our communication as a couple but focusing on sharing our interior life, specifically, sharing at the more intimate levels of Emotions and Needs. But how do emotions and needs relate to each other? And importantly, how do our thoughts impact our emotions? In this conversation we’re exploring these nuances in the interior life so we can go next level in our journey of intimacy.

Guest: Monica Elias

Guest: Monica Elias
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Monica is a Catholic Mindset coach she is passionate about helping introverts love how they’re wired and using it for God’s glory. After journeying through degrees in Mathematics, Theology, and Education, followed by marriage and motherhood, Monica has made it her mission to free other introverts from feeling unimportant, overlooked, and isolated. She has been featured on The Universal Sisterhood Podcast, The Siena Event, The Genius Podcast.

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The Take Home Advanced Daily Strongest Emotion

This is an advanced version of the DSE.

Basic: Each day, take a few minutes to reflect on the question: What is my most significant emotion today? Share with your spouse


1. Go deeper – share the emotion AND the thoughts and the needs that relate to it.

2. Reflect in writing – helps us go deeper, provides a record so we can see the development of our self-awareness.

3. Pray it: Share it with God (not just your spouse).


Abraham Maslow – Hierarchy of Needs
Emotion Classification Overview
Australian Idioms
Metanoia Catholic
Monica’s Level up your Decision Making – free download

Bless you!

• Laura: War and Peace (BBC series redition you can find it on Netflix)
• Francine: Book/Audio Book Oil and Marble, by Stephanie Storey
• Monica: Catholic Mindset Coaching https://linktr.ee/wholeheartedfiatcoaching

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