Understanding Pornography – FREE Resource

A Masterclass with Jonathan Doyle

Want to get your life back or support others in entrapped by pornography?

In this powerful series of videos you will explore key issues such as:

  • What is the science behind pornography’s power over men?
  • Why is it so powerful?
  • How can you overcome addiction or support your friends?
  • What cultural and technological factors have made pornography a ‘perfect storm” for fatherless men?

As a man, you can learn how to get help and break through to freedom, or play a greater role as a boyfriend, husband or father.  Find out how pornography impacts the women you care aboutand how you can play your role in building a new culture of manhood, service and engagement with the incredible women in your life.

Six high impact, short videos available for FREE from Jonathan Doyle

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About the Author:

Karen & Jonathan Doyle are the founders of Choicez Media, authors of numerous books and programs and international speakers. They reside in Canberra, Australia and have three children.

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