What Do Men Want?

Part 3 in the Quest for Happiness SeriesIn all the discussions about what makes a wife happy (see Smart Loving What Women Really Want & The Equality Myth), it strikes us that

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What Women Really Want

Part 2 of the Quest for Happiness SeriesIf equality in work isn’t the answer for making happy wives (see Smart Loving, The Equality Myth), what is?According to the same study that looked

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The Equality Myth

Part 1 of the Quest for Happiness SeriesInequality in the division of labour at home has long been a sore point for married women. In theory, the egalitarian model of the modern

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What Women Want

In her typical engaging style and with practical suggestions, Karen Doyle addresses the Young Men of God conference on What Women Want.For the audio file and for more great Catholic content, visit

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How Often Do Men Need to Have Sex?

Shaunti Feldhahn is an author and social researcher who specialises in marital relationships. In this article she responds to a question from a female reader about how often men need sex:

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Why Women Leave Men They Love

Justice Schanfarber | The Good Men Project | Read the full article here As a marriage counsellor working with men and women in relationship crisis, I help clients navigate numerous marriage counselling issues.

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What my girly novels taught me about love

Selected from Agi Reefman's blog: New Hope Talks When I wrote this post I was eyeball deep in some heavy theology. Seeing as my brain was pretty much fried from all

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Modest is NOT Hottest

(Blog article by Natasha Craig, posted June 1, 2014) Growing up in a materialistic world is a challenge, I won't sugar coat it. Pretty much all of my self esteem issues

Modest is NOT Hottest2021-04-06T11:16:39+10:00
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