Three Magic Words

Three Magic Words On St Valentine’s Day this year, Pope Francis gathered with 20,000 Engaged Couples to encourage them in their journey. Reflecting on the ‘art’ of married life, Francis noted that

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Finding Mr or Mrs Right

Many people think that the key to a successful marriage is finding the right person. Clearly there is some common sense to this notion – after all, having someone who shares your

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Two of Us: At Our Best

A couple exercise to become aware of how we can bring each other to our best Reflect Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. Write some notes so

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Smart Dating #4: You Are What You Do

Almost everyone aspires to a happy, life-long marriage. Surveys across different cultures and various age groups all point to the predominant desire for a loving and stable family life shared with a

Smart Dating #4: You Are What You Do2015-01-15T15:00:50+11:00
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