Romance and Mystery

One of the things that makes a new romance so exciting and attractive is the element of uncertainty: Is this person really interested in me? Will this person really be the

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St Valentines Day 2017

For almost a decade, the Australian Catholic Marriage & Family Council has produced a printable flyer for use on the Sunday before St Valentine's Day. This year, The Parish & Marriage

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St Valentines Day 2016 Resource

Him & Her - The Joy of DifferenceThe Australian Catholic Marriage & Family Council has released its 2016 St Valentine's Day handout, this time exploring sexual complementarity.From the ACMFC website:In 2010, the

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St Valentine’s Day 2015

This post is reposted from The Australian Catholic Marriage & Family Council In 2010, the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life launched the St Valentine’s Day initiative. We are delighted to offer

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