St Valentines Day 2017


For almost a decade, the Australian Catholic Marriage & Family Council has produced a printable flyer for use on the Sunday before St Valentine’s Day. This year, The Parish & Marriage Resource Centre is pleased to take up this task.

Why the fuss about St Valentine?

It’s true, St Valentine is a ‘minor’ saint in the Church calendar with a great deal of myth and uncertainty about his life. However no one can deny that his feast day has captured the modern imagination.
This initiative is all about putting the saint back into the feast and using the social interest energy to promote our rich Catholic traditions. It’s an important opportunity to promote the value of Christian marriage in our communities.

We are pleased to provide you with a FREE reproducible handout and slide show for use in your parish services.

Ways to Use St Valentine’s Day Resources

  • Distribute the handout as a stand alone flyer (PDF – double sided A4 folded to A5, in colour or black/white)
  • Print it (or excerpts from it) in your parish bulletin
  • Add it as a post to your parish website
  • Use the slide show with a data projector before/after Mass



Download Handout


A MS Powerpoint slide deck with excerpts from the handout for digital display.

Download Slide Show

Amor eBook

A visually-rich, magazine-style booklet inspired by Pope Francis’ Apostolic Exhortation, Amoris Laetitia

With its inspirational articles, striking imagery and practical tips on restoring hurt relationships, Amor is an ideal resource for parish and school communities.

Amor eBook

Francine & Byron Pirola

Francine & Byron Pirola are the founders and principal authors of the SmartLoving series. They are passionate about living Catholic marriage to the full and helping couples reach their marital potential. They have been married since 1988 and have five children. Their articles may be reproduced for non commercial purposes with appropriate acknowledgement and back links. For Media Enquiries Please Contact us here

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