Gender Complementarity

Are we from the same planet?

Are we from the same planet? The popularity of John Gray’s “Men are from Mars & Women are from Venus” (and titles by other authors), signals the widespread recognition of gender differences in our society. It is now permissible to speak of stereotypical behaviours and gender specific abilities without being accused of putting the clock…

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Body Language

Sacred Body Language

Pope John Paul II called marital sex a sacred body language, an act that communicated the total self-giving of husband to wife and wife to husband. This sacred meaning of sexual intercourse is built into the act itself and cannot be simply discarded or altered. The message of sex: “I give myself to you, freely,…

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A Living Sign

A Living Sign and Sacrament

It is no coincidence that Christ’s love can be expressed in sexual terms: His desire to be one with us How passionately He pursues us How He gives His body and allows us to take Him inside us He is always fully present and responsive to our needs He intimately knows us His love is…

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