St Valentine’s Day 2015

This post is reposted from The Australian Catholic Marriage & Family Council: here In 2010, the Bishops Commission for Pastoral Life launched the St Valentine’s Day initiative. We are delighted to offer

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A Marriage in Trouble

Stepping Out of the Blender: The Keys of Successful Blended Families   Chuck and Melinda were both married and divorced before meeting each other.  Married to each other for 5 years, they

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Why Marriages Fail

Why Marriages Fail:  And How to Make Sure Yours Doesn’t Allan and Jen asked me to do some marriage preparation counseling with them. Both Catholics, and both from divorced homes, they wanted

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Anxiety Control

High Anxiety: Seeking Sanity when the World  Goes Nuts “It’s like a mystery novel around here.”  George explained, frustrated with the corporate restructuring his company was going through.  “…And Then There Were

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Weird Things All Couples Fight About

What do you argue about? Watch this funny video and see if there isn't at least one conversation you recognise from your own relationship!  

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