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Bernard Toutounji is an Australian writer, speaker and commentator. He is a member of the Australasian Catholic Press Association and the Catholic Press Association of the United States and Canada. Bernard's column, Foolish Wisdom, takes a contemporary issue within news, culture or faith and examines it afresh through the lens of reason and Judeo-Christian principles.

Pope Francis Marrying Sinners Is No Surprise

Last month Pope Francis seemed to shock the world by marrying twenty couples in a ceremony at St Peter’s Basilica. Aside from the fact that Popes don’t get the opportunity to preside

Pope Francis Marrying Sinners Is No Surprise2015-01-15T14:53:21+11:00

What Temperament Are You?

What Temperament Are You? I remember when I was engaged to my now wife Jane, one of the biggest discoveries I had to process was learning that she was an introvert. We

What Temperament Are You?2015-01-15T14:55:44+11:00
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