Four Divorces and a Funeral

If you’re over the age of forty you might recall the 1994 movie “Four Weddings and a Funeral”. While it’s not a particularly memorable movie, the title seems to have an

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Wrangling the Memory Factor

Our memories are a powerful influence on our present wellbeing. Good or bad, old or recent, our past experiences form us into who we are today and our memories reinforce it

Wrangling the Memory Factor2018-09-13T10:30:30+10:00

A Field Hospital For The Soul

We’ve written a lot about forgiveness, about the need to forgive others not just because Jesus’ commands us to do so but because it liberates us to receive love. As we

A Field Hospital For The Soul2021-01-05T15:27:28+11:00

Do Catholics Have Better Sex?

According to research by the Family Research Council, that's a resounding 'Yes!' Drawing on data from a number of studies, devout, married Catholics have the best sex of any demographic group,

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Is the Catholic Church Obsessed with Sex?

By Bernard Toutounji (Foolish Wisdom) Without a doubt, the articles I write which attract the most feedback (positive or negative) are always those that discuss sexual morality and the Catholic Church. Nothing

Is the Catholic Church Obsessed with Sex?2015-01-15T15:41:02+11:00

Weekly Podcasts

Tune in to local Wollongong radio, Pulse 94.1 to hear Francine & Byron Pirola and many more guest speakers.  The Journey show airs on Sundays 11am-12pm and Wednesdays 10-11pm     Love

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St Valentine for the Modern Church

For a number of years we have been involved in the St Valentine’s Day initiative of the Australian Catholic Marriage and Family Council. It’s a simple project: provide an easily reproducible print

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Two of Us: Negativity

An exercise to help us grow in the area of 'affirmation' rather than 'criticism' to enrich our relationships rather than grid-lock them. Reflect Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting

Two of Us: Negativity2015-01-15T14:57:15+11:00

Two of Us: Sharing

  Reflect Separately, say the prayer and spend some time reflecting on the questions. Write some notes and then share your answers more fully with your spouse.   Prayer You made me a good

Two of Us: Sharing2015-01-15T14:58:25+11:00