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If you and your spouse are passionate about marriage, evangelisation and are willing to accompany an engaged couple, we invite you to a join us on Sponsor Orientation webinar.

This is a "come and see" event and there is no obligation to become a volunteer Sponsor couple after the event. We would love to see you online at one of the dates below.

*Please note - You do not need a "perfect marriage" to be a Sponsor couple! We want real couples, with real struggles and joys. The SmartLoving Sponsor course will enrich your marriage and provide all the resources you need to confidently accompany an engaged couple as they prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage. You will find being a Sponsor couple is a very rewarding ministry.

Sessions available:

No sessions available at the moment.

Please register below and we'll email you as soon as a date has been decided.

Hosts: Byron & Francine Pirola

If you would like more information about what is involved in being a Sponsor couple you can visit: www.smartloving.org/sponsor


Sponsor Couple Testimony:

Joseph and Laura Cain


"We became a SmartLoving Sponsor Couple because the tools we learnt when we were going through the SmartLoving Engaged Course (ten years ago) really helped our marriage to thrive. We wanted to share our own experience as well as the knowledge and skills with other engaged couples. The conflict resolution tools (L.I.F.E) and the Stop-Reflect-Connect tool, helped us to resolve arguments quickly and effectively. It gave us a formula to follow when an argument escalated. As a sponsor couple you are reminded of all the wonderful relationship tools and that your marriage is a witness to the Church of God's love.

We are always inspired by the joy, energy and excitement of the engaged couple. It is a wonderful experience to welcome an engaged couple into your home and to support that couple as they prepare for the Sacrament of Marriage and begin their own family. We love ministering together in this way and it makes our own marriage stronger as we are reminded of all the ways we can improve our own communication and prayer life together."

Past Webinar Recordings

Sponsor Orientation Session - 6th of June 2023 - Watch the webinar here.

Sponsor Orientation Session - 3rd of May 2023 - Watch the webinar here.

Sponsor Info Session - 19th of May 2021 - Watch the webinar here.

Sponsor Info Session - 9th of December 2020 - Watch the webinar here.

Prepare and Repair Workshop - 24th of October 2020 - Watch the webinar here.

Relationships under Stress: Tips to support leaders in their ministry to couples - 12th of September 2020 Watch the webinar here.

Breakthrough Webinar - 20th of October 2021 - recording not available