SmartLoving BreakThrough Companion Training

SmartLoving BreakThrough is an online course for spouses in distressed marriages. Although the BreakThrough experience can be completed by an individual in a self-directed format, being accompanied by a caring member of the community enhances its impact.

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What is a BreakThrough Companion?

A BreakThrough Companion accompanies a Participant enrolled in the BreakThrough course, providing them with accountability, motivation and spiritual support as they progress through the content. The Companion meets with the Participant after they complete each lesson (i.e. three times) of the course using the instructions in the Companion Guide. A Companion may be a priest, deacon, parish employee, friend, neighbour, family member or counsellor.

Companion training consists of working through the BreakThrough course as a Participant (done online, self-directed) followed by attendance at 3 webinars (1.5 hours each). Trainee Companions will need to complete the relevant lesson ahead of each training webinar where we will unpack the content and provide Companion specific training.

Trainee Companions will need to purchase the BreakThrough Companion & Leader pack and print the Companion guide. Training is included free and generous discounts (90%) are available for those working in a volunteer capacity. For those wishing to use BreakThrough to supplement their counselling business, professional rates apply.

More information about BreakThrough Companions.

Aug 2024 | 3 x 90min webinars

Thursday: 8th Aug - Part 1 |  15th Aug - Part 2 | 22nd Aug - Part 3
Time: 7:30 pm AEST | 5:30 pm AWST | 10:30 am BST - London


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