Prepare and Repair

Free Online Marriage Workshop for Catholic couples

Presented by Francine and Byron Pirola | SmartLoving co-authors

Two vital strategies for a flourishing marriage.

All marriages will come under stress. Sometimes this is from events or circumstances outside our control like a job loss, a challenging child, the death of a parent, or a pandemic! Other stresses come from within the marriage itself like a hurtful argument, a betrayal or the slow decay of intimacy caused by busyness or worry. Whatever the source, how do we prepare our relationship to resist the damage, and how do we repair it once the damage is done? With heartfelt stories from their own marriage, Byron and Francine will explore these issues and offer practical suggestions to deepen the marital bond and bring healing to the hurt in our relationships.

USA: Friday October 23, 9pm EDT : 6pm PDT  | Australia: Saturday October 24, 12 noon  AEDT : 9am AWST

Testimonials from webinar participants – What was the most significant insight you gained from this webinar?

“We gained understanding and practical insights on how to go about our vulnerabilities, our fears and lack of communication.”

“I loved the suggestion given in the webinar to ask your spouse “What was their strongest emotion of the day?” This can then be used to intimately unpack their day to increase the surface area of the Johari window and get to know one another more intimately.”

We had two helpful handouts for this webinar – please click on the handouts below and download them.

1. Windows of the Soul – Spiritual Strengths

2. The Way of Mercy