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For centuries the Church has been enriched by the insights of celibate mystics and religious, so much so, that celibate spirituality has come to dominate our understanding of Catholic spirituality. Their wisdom has been a wonderful gift to the people of God and continues to bear fruit across many sectors of the faithful.

However, the emphasis on ordered devotions and long hours of prayer is not well suited to busy family life with the unpredictable demands of children, elders and work.  Nor is it particularly appropriate for those in the vocation of Matrimony. Married couples are called to live their spirituality differently to monastics and religious; to live it in a way that reflects the charisms and sacramental graces of marriage. We offer the following resources and links as helpful start in your journey as a couple.

Top Buys From the MRC Shop

Holy Sex | Book

Dr Gregory Popcak

A Catholic guide to toe-curling, mind-blowing, infallible loving Holy Sex! unveils Christianity’s best-kept secret, and does so in an informative, solidly grounded, and delightful way.

Holy Sex

Living in Love, With Love, Through Love | DVD

Byron & Francine Pirola

Filled before a live audience, this workshop explores the Theology of the Body for Couples.

Living In Love, with Love, Through Love

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