Making the Wedding Vows Stick

It’s common for married couples celebrating a significant wedding anniversary to have a renewal of vows ceremony. The truth is, most couples in long-lasting marriages are renewing their vows a lot more

Making the Wedding Vows Stick2015-11-05T20:17:34+11:00

The Benefits of Marrying in your Mid-to-late 20s

W. Brad Wilcox | Washington Post | Full article: here These days, 20something marriage has gotten a reputation for being a bad idea. That’s partly because parents, peers, and the popular

The Benefits of Marrying in your Mid-to-late 20s2020-02-04T17:22:29+11:00

Marriage at First Sigh

That’s one very big, long sigh. As in ‘here we go again in unreality TV’. Today we took the plunge and sat through the first two episodes of Marriage at First

Marriage at First Sigh2020-02-04T15:38:41+11:00

Flash Wedding – Short Marriage

Weddings aren’t getting any cheaper. According to the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, the average wedding in Australia costs $36,200. Around half ($18,683) goes on the reception (food, alcohol, venue), with

Flash Wedding – Short Marriage2020-02-04T16:22:52+11:00

Conscious Recoupling

When Gwenyth Paltrow and Chris Martin announced their intention to ‘consciously uncouple’ earlier in 2014, it was not their divorce that captured public attention, but the unusual phrasing. However, the real

Conscious Recoupling2020-01-21T15:04:36+11:00

What if Your Soul Mate Doesn’t Exist?

An article by Danielle Ayers Jones who puts the spot light on the obsession of looking for "the one" (Also see The Soul Mate Quest) Six months into my relationship with Josh,

What if Your Soul Mate Doesn’t Exist?2015-01-15T14:53:19+11:00

My Many Marriages

We all understand that our marriages go through their ups and downs, but we often don’t appreciate that they also go through fundamental changes over the years. We have come to realise

My Many Marriages2017-03-09T12:36:40+11:00

Save a marriage for $200

In July, the Federal Government’s pilot ‘relationship voucher scheme’ comes into effect. The trial period has budgeted for 100,000 couples to receive a $200 voucher towards the cost of a relationship education

Save a marriage for $2002015-01-15T14:55:47+11:00

Have you been lied to? Part I

Re-posted with permission by Agi Reefman Last week on my blog post, one person asked the question, “What’s this lie you’re talking about?” It was an excellent question which really made me

Have you been lied to? Part I2020-01-21T14:56:00+11:00
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