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On a mission to love… Every couple wants to avoid divorce and get along without too many fights. A successful marriage however, is much more than just this; it is a

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Marriage is not a Partnership

Housework: It’s often a topic of debate among couples, and truth be told, we’ve had our own dramas in this area over the years. We have very different values and expressions

Marriage is not a Partnership2020-10-27T16:22:33+11:00

Five Myths About Marriage

Is marriage outdated? Here are five myths about marriage that may surprise you. Marriage gets a pretty bad rap these days. Celebrity bust-ups, high profile infidelity and a cohabitation takeover seem destined

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St Valentines Day 2016 Resource

Him & Her - The Joy of DifferenceThe Australian Catholic Marriage & Family Council has released its 2016 St Valentine's Day handout, this time exploring sexual complementarity.From the ACMFC website:In 2010, the

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Business Time

We were reading an article today about an African tribe that refers to sex as the 'work of the night'.  It made us think of this classic from the Flight of the

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How Often Do Men Need to Have Sex?

Shaunti Feldhahn is an author and social researcher who specialises in marital relationships. In this article she responds to a question from a female reader about how often men need sex:

How Often Do Men Need to Have Sex?2021-05-27T15:52:22+10:00

Tainted Love: Why is 50 Shades of Grey so Popular?

This article first appeared in Patheos and is republished here with the permission of the author. Note:  The following article deals frankly with sexual topics Unless you’ve been living under a rock,

Tainted Love: Why is 50 Shades of Grey so Popular?2015-02-06T12:37:09+11:00

Video: Love and Respect

This interview with one of our favourite authors and marriage educators - Emmerson Eggerichs - is brilliantly insightful. In it he discusses how men and women experience love differently and how

Video: Love and Respect2021-04-23T15:27:16+10:00
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