Five Marriage Myths

Is marriage outdated? Here are five myths about marriage that may surprise you.Marriage gets a pretty bad rap these days. Celebrity bust-ups, high profile infidelity and a cohabitation takeover seem destined to put

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Business Time

We were reading an article today about an African tribe that refers to sex as the 'work of the night'.  It made us think of this classic from the Flight of the

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Video: Love and Respect

This interview with one of our favourite authors and marriage educators - Emmerson Eggerichs - is brilliantly insightful. Enjoy! [vsw id="" source="youtube" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]

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Video: The Sexy Lie

"Caroline Heldman, the chair of the Politics department at Occidental College, explains to her audience what sexual objectification is and why girls are taught that it can be empowering when the reality

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